Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



I played through, until I could and then skimmed the code :~) I love the new update, particularly Priscilla’s journals. I think she’s up there with my favourite characters (Santiago hasn’t been upstaged yet! I love him, y’all need to read the tumblr). There are some phrasing problems, which I’ll post later. One of the things tht struck me whilst I was playing, was the need for more options to simply remain silent. I understand that silence can’t move the plot forward, but I think for a Bearer whose first response to panic is to try and detach frm whatever’s going on as quickly as possible, there could stand to be for a few more, i.e when you first confront Saint, I would have liked to level a weapon @ him in silence, and when you meet Hades again in the summoning room, there could have the option to have simply turned frm him in silence. + When you choose to pretend to trust Saint, you don’t get tht relationship boost. Is that on purpose? Is the deceitful/genuine bar what was going to be the Gods’ trust bar?
Also, what did y’all think Nephilim meant when he gave you tht advice abt having nothing to lose? Who do you think he was referencing? I remember when Rohie asked us those questions a few months ago, and I wondered whether the Gods had ever kept tabs on any of the people that we’d met whilst on the run and there was a picture of Wilma in our file. Tht was so freaky, omg.
I’ve no doubt that the full update is going to be absolutely wonderful. I’m here for all of your deceitful, bitter Bearers :revolving_hearts:
Ah, I forgot! Do you think we’ll ever have the option to request a separate room? Bearers that have sleeping problems might not want to share a room, because they can get fairly intense, and it’s unpleasant for everyone involved if you wake your roommate up in the middle of the night because you had a night terror and started screaming. Can y’all imagine Haris telling everyone that Na Lavei screams in their sleep? Yikes.


psss what tumblr? :eyes:


Here :eyes:. Go through the children of the gods tag on tumblr, too! There are a few blogs tht have posted abt it.


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Nah but in all seriousness, I loved the new update. This wip is a special one and it’s awesome to see all the love its getting - it absolutely deserves it.

I’m ecstatic this project is still being worked on, it made my day :slight_smile:


My memory is foggy, remind me who Wilma is again?


She’s the manager of Courtier’s, the restaurant in the brief winter interlude (I think. I’m fairly certain?) She’s got druid heritage.


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Btw has anyone seen Rohie’s answer on the face claims for some of the Scooby Gang? I was shookt (in a good way) like “holy hell just look at Donnie!”

(The game reviving – sorta/kinda – is now fuel for fanfic fodder like GIVE ME ALL THE FAMILY FEELINGS)


Ah! I remember her now, well…not completely, but, thank you!
I don’t see her at all during the latest demo…I suppose we’ll have a flashback again at a later point in the game remembering about it?


Family feelings lmfaoo (it’s just not Realistic)! I love that Zeus’s greatest relationship boost is when you tell him you don’t trust him like, what is this? Admittance tht you’re a slippery serpent? Thinking tht a Bearer tht doesn’t see it must be stupid? Honestly, Zeus is like ‘Child, please.’


Tbf, I was referring to Saint. Zeus could theoretically be in a ditch somewhere and my MC would probs stroll up to Hades and declare him as her father/father figure :))

[Still gunning for Persephone to just go ‘yes, this is my new daughter now, everyone who says otherwise will have to deal with me’]

Having said that though, she’d welcome Athena back as a mother figure – partially out of guilt since the last thing she told Athena was that she was upset with the surveillance and protection (as much as that was justified) and her aunt disappearing the next day just made it worse. And also because despite it all, she did miss her, was definitely worried about her, etc, etc

Idk how controlling Athena will be in later parts, but since I have a better grasp of their relationship, I hope we get to see that tension even more pronounced of wanting to be protective (the stakes are higher after all – and seeing Athena giving the MC combat lessons should be interesting since they’re actually now competing) and being ultra smoothering about it

Anyway huge digression point :)) I’ll let Zeus be Zeus and settle here with a better grasp of where Saint is in terms of the sibling feelings (which is tugging at me like anything)


Firstly it stops when I get to my characters mothers old room. Secondly I made the same choices as the previous update and I got Zuse? Can I get posidon at all?


That is #confirmed, several posts up.

Hades kinda pissed me off as a father figure anyway. Shitty father to Baeson, but gonna run away and be a father (“uncle”) to your other kid, just because Athena? Eff that.

Hades seemed like a good option, until you actually played it. He was way too flippant for my sensibilities. Poseidon was very caring and awkward. It was sweet. And i was super anti-poseidon at first. My post history from over a ywar ago is proof of that lmao


I liked Hades as a father option, but mostly for angst. We have our uncle Henry, who suddenly disappears for years and years, breaking the promise he made to young MC. Then, years later, we find him again after being taken to Olympus, and we find out he’s our dad? Though my MC may have been happy to be reunited with his “uncle” initially, finding out that he was actually his father did leave him quite a bit pissed, as did learning that Hades also had another son and he was present in his life too somehow. Hell, he probably thinks that after “Uncle Henry” left he was still there for Aeson.

Plus his whole thing with Athena was anger inducing, since it can be read like he has feelings for her despite,
oh I don’t know, having a wife!
But that’s just my onion.


I liked Hades a father option too but I’m not terribly broken up about it tbh. We still have him as our uncle - even if an absent one and he cares about the MC regardless of kinship. He probably cares a lot more than our real dad ever will (I sound like an angsty teen lol).

But honestly, my Mc is just happy to have him in her life, period. Hades’ a sweetheart.


there’s another bug, i found.


The only time that has been said in the history of EVER!! :laughing:


I’m kind of on the fence with which god I overall prefer as the MC’s father. On one hand I personally adore Poseidon as the father and think it would be the best option father-wise for my MC, but on the other hand getting a half-brother (i.e. family who she wouldn’t feel had abandoned her) would probably also be very healthy for my MC’s mental health, anxious lonely person that she is.


Love your mc has a half brother no matter what.


Who? Did I miss an update? Because from what I remember Poseidon didn’t have any children (of the main NPC’s)?