Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



There’s a bug that prevents us from meeting Aunt Alice, @Rohie.


Quick question:

Will Zeus be the only father option permanently now, and from here on out?



Here’s a screenshot of that bug.

I also found another, when I tried to open the relationship tab.


There is also


I chose the third option


No, but Hades is no longer an option, unfortunately.


Aww, I had plans for that dysfunctional family barbecue! :rofl::meat_on_bone::watermelon::cut_of_meat::bacon::strawberry::fried_shrimp::sushi:


Uncle Henry was Hades the entire time?!
Mind blown.


What?! Best dad isn’t an option anymore?!

I…I need a moment…

composes self

O-okay…then who’s the other option (other than Zeus)? Poseidon still there? If so, who else is there?


I always figured that. The vibe was there.


Haha to be honest, I never realized it until now. But I definitely enjoyed having my mind blown


Best dad is no more??? R.I.P daddy Hades. He’ll always be my dad, deep down :"(


Pshhh Poseidon was always the best dad, fight me.

So awkward, so innocent, genuinely trying so hard.

Ahhh, @Rohie, this means Imma hafta update the FAQ again, lmao


That’s… probably the worst new I heard all day.


I assume Hades no longer being a father option has something to do with the game not recognizing him as the father, even if you have all the criteria met? I was looking forward to having him as my MC’s dad, but ended up with Poseidon due to the bug. I can warm up to Poseidon, seeing as he is trying and having powers over water and maybe earth are kind of tempting. As for Zeus, I’ll end up making my MC not like him. He never was my favorite Greek god.


I ran into this attempting to have Zeus as my father.



Same here, but minus the Notification, just stays frozen, every time a press it it goes into the copy action


There are a few bugs.

I got a error on this and now I’m stuck.


So how is the dad decision going to be decided from now on? Or is the Zeus thing permanent?


Hades God of the underworld, what irony