Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)



There’s a bug after Hera suggests that the MC is a liability.


is Aelin live becouse we did no if die or not


Another bug, when Hera tell’s the MC about prophecies and how they always come true.

part3 line 1125: Illegal mixing of spaces and tabs; this line has a tab, but there were spaces on line 1124


Poor @Rohie the bug reports never stop :sob:


This is perspectivly a good thing it means there are people interested and helping.
At the same time yea it sucks to hear you missed something when your making things.


I meant the work to fix it sucks




It might be a minor point, but I just wanted to bring to your notice that within, “A few questions regarding in-game lore.”, that it still has information about getting Hades and Posiden as your father(s). Since they are no longer options within this version, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take that part out, as to not confuse some into thinking they can actually still get this as of right now.

Thanks again for the amazing game, and it’s truly amazing all the hard work you’ve put into working on it!


@SuperNova beat me to the bugs I was going to mention.


i think i hate all the gods not be rode i what my my girl leave all of them to there war and if on tried to kill me well my new name is godkiller yes gods come at me fight me!!!//yes i pick no sides in god wars good or bad//
and song play for Aelin for her song here for you


Question: Why is it that I can’t delete previous saves or save over them?
Another Question: When do we get introduced to Calypso and the Others?


Hmm…was it supposed to end after we got into Mom’s bedroom? Also, it seems lying have no effect on the ‘Genuine vs. Deceitful’ stat, I don’t know if it’s just me, but it remains 60 vs. 40 even though I’ve lied to both Zeus and Athena.



They probably used the wrong *set command. When you use opposed bars like that, if you want to increase the stat on the right, you have to subtract the stat on the left. If you want to increase the stat on the left, you just increase it like normal.

For example you want to increase Deceitful by lets say 5, the code would look like this.
*set Genuine -5

While if you want to increase Genuine by 5, the code would look like this.
*set Genuine +5

They may have made a mistake and tried to use *set Deceitful +5 or -5 which would have no effect on the bar at all. Or they just forgot to put the *set command for that particular choice. I’ve forgotten to add it myself at times.


@Rohie oh wow. Just ran through the entire game and the new update is fantastic! I’m actually happy you decided to cut off the father branch given the current game – although my file is bugged, can’t get passed Zeus revealing himself as my MC’s father – but I like how neat everything ties up into versus before. Well done!

Idk if this has been pointed out but if you ask Saint about Benji’s status the game registers it as “bfname”

But over all, really excited for the direction of this title and cheering for your success!


Did you pick that trust takes more than one conversation I had the same issue not sure if it’s a specific option that is like this, that’s the end of demo, or the options are buggy.

I too loved the additions to the game that were in the beginning gives me a lot more trust towards saint our Half brother


Picked the “will trust” option. So there’s that. I agree on the Saint interactions though – player bias right there for me

I’m glad we got more time to talk with him (and very much wishing we have the chance to go look for him after the whole hospital thing…or to even ask about him during it)


Hello!! I just played the playtest and i found maybe some bug (?. 1. My wit is higher than 50, and i killed the seeker (saxon i think?) But somehow i still ended with zeus as my godly father. (is this a bug or part of the story)
2.And i got problem wanting to continue after that, the “i still cant trust zeus after only one conversation” choices cant be chosen. Its says part 3 line 1357 non existence variable ‘zeus’
Please help :’)


Another error?


He’s the only father option now