Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

thats what i based my assumption of her being homicidal on

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I like the idea of using some kind magic forcing her to experience what the Bearer was feeling as her brother was chasing him/her.

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Maybe she was taken hostage by the Gods! :scream:

We’d wage war on the Olympians.

If she was, then I wouldn’t know how to mount a rescue :stuck_out_tongue: all I can offer is my knowledge on the mythos but that’s about it

Meanwhile, am mulling over if I should do prompts for this fandom/title to pass the time HAHA

I’m just going to officially think that @Rohie came to the forums, took a peek at how Children of the Gods forum was doing, and then face-palmed once more for a while at seeing the older joiners of the Children of the Gods forum putting crazy ideas into the newer fans of the story before exclaiming to herself “For the love of The Twelve guys, ZEUS DID NOT GIVE HIS CHILD A VIAGRA PILL! Who even revived that idea!? :expressionless::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m down for that. :grinning:


I’m getting a bug at the beginning everytime I choose to play as a male and the name scene appears immedately after giving my male name, the next scene is of the previous dialogue and now has me to choose a female name and then continue as a female character even though it is not what I had chosen.

edit: “Your hand tightens around your cup, crushing Al’s face in the process.” That sentence doesn’t make sense.
Also there is an error in the previous choice when choosing “There are something you just can’t unsee.” after seeing a barechested man walking down the street while my MC was with his girlfriend. The game just locks up and I can’t even use the screenshot button on it leaving me with the only choice of reloading the site completely.

I just type in the male name.

This is a known bug and the author is working on it

You can skip the prologue and input your name + sex

For your edited input, am not sure if that’s on the list of existing bugs but good to know I guess?

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It’s in the list of bugs. i just didn’t put the exact words of the choice, just which order (first, second, etc).

That oddly-phrased sentence may need to be noted.

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Do Saint and Calypso know who dad is for the MC?

Well it’s been awhile since i played. But I’m pretty sure everyone knows once you have to do the whole blood thing at the party.

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How’re you guys getting past the line 109/120 error that keeps popping when you wake up in the hospital? :frowning: It shows up no matter which option I choose

This thread’s already past the 10,000 post mark, and we remember those things. The error in your picture used to not be in the game, and we could play until Chapter 8.


We have no choice but to wait. You could read the game code if you’re curious to see the what’s going on so far.

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That clears everything up, thanks; I got so confused reading through the thread with everyone mentioning all these different scenes, thought I was missing something haha

What blood thing at which party?

The blood offering to the Gods that all the Hero Candidates do before the celebration party (where you can dance with one of the characters) and the start of Artemis’ Trial.

Fascinating! I’ve never been able to get to the code. Would love to be able to!

I’d advise a great deal of caution in that regards; there are some pretty spoiler-y stuff in the codes that you might end up coming across by accident (like how I ran into the Sage relationship descriptions by accident due to scrolling too far down). :sweat_smile:

Especially if you haven’t gone through the game past the Avery scene; then almost everything is a spoiler.

Guys who want to get past the bug but don’t know how to look at code.

Replace startup with the chapter name. Startup has all the names.