Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

It’s a well known bug, I believe it’s going to be fixed in next update

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Thanks for informing me!

Eris is known to mess things up so it’s possible she works for Cronus

I’m not sure ‘working for Cronus’ is the right way to describe the situation if Eris really is the cause of the Seekers’ madness and disappearance. If she is doing this on Cronus’ orders, it feels more plausible to say that she is doing it because it amuses her rather than because she is loyal to Cronus; she’d probably have no issues leaving Cronus in the dust the moment the situation doesn’t hold her interest any longer.

That said, there’s is always two sides of Chaos ad Discord, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Goddess of Chaos being more than meet the eye.

On a another note:

I saw this and I wanted to share with everyone Calypso (when romantically interested in the Bearer) showing her sweet gentle side to the Bearer. :blush:

…PFFFT! :laughing:


Earlier, when you had all began your trek up the path, she had turned her attention to you, a hesitant smile on her face.

“I was hoping if we had teams that you’d be on mine,” she said casually, her eyes bright. “It’d be kind of awkward if I had to kick your ass.”

This really does feel like something only Calypso would say to someone close to her. It might change in the update so who knows if this line will stay in. but really seems to fit in with the aspect of her character that we know about so far.


Just how pissed will Sage be when the MC gets let off the hook?

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Homicidal most likely

Wonder if that is when she will try to kill the MC?

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She already tried choking the MC out :)) if ever the trials but she probs needs them for the trials too so


Probably depends on a number of factors from how the Bearer currently behaves, when the trial will take place, and when she possibly learns the truth about the matter.

It should especially become interesting if the Bearer’s trial somehow revealed how blood-thirsty possessed Saxon in his desire to hard the Bearer and how the Bearer (if they didn’t kill Saxon) had chosen to spare Saxon’s life (despite the great danger he posed to theirs) and the possessed Seeker showed his ‘gratitude’ for the act of mercy by jumping off the top of the building he was fighting the Bearer on willingly (well not likely ‘willingly’; more like because of the influence he was under).

Something about Saxon’s expression was very interesting in that scene if the Bearer did spare him: the fact he looks at them with resentment and disappointment. As though he actually WANTED the Bearer to end his life for some reason.


I hope so, I need more stories to tell our kids :blush:


Do the gods have a way to tell that the MC is telling the truth?

They could always Aletheia to oversee the trial. She did the goddess of truth so she can probably tell if the MC is telling the truth or not.

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Good idea. Is Sage angry enough to accuse Aletheia of lying?

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have you fixs errors boss

I’m not sure if you already told us this, but is our MC is gonna die?

There’s another bug. When you see the naked guy the 2nd gives an line 652: not a number: flase error

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I’m curious but has someone heard from @Rohie? This thread got reopened a while ago but I don’t think we’ve heard from her since.


Silent as ever. But I have faith we will hear from her sooner or later (maybe the update will come as a Christmas surprise)


She was on the forum 10 days ago according to her profile, but her last post? July. We’ll just have to hold on for a little longer!


If we go by the current relationship descriptions she has on her…I’d say her resentment runs deep enough at the moment that she’d think that it’s less of Aletheia being honest about the Bearer’s innocence and more the Gods protecting one of the Hero Candidates for who knows what reason. I mean, a Bearer who didn’t even kill Saxon also got the same treatment from Sage as a Bearer who did kill him, and I would think a child of Hermes would be a little more practiced in be able to spot a lie.

Then again, Aletheia might be used to dealing with people like Sage (who are too blinded by their emotions to see the truth of the matter), and have some idea of dealing with her when it comes to a Bearer and deliver the truth of the matter (not matter how harsh or painful will be for Sage). It’d be kind of awesome for the Goddess to do something like make Sage herself stand in front of the Bearer and force her to stare right into an innocent Bearer’s eyes once more, saying something like “Look into their eyes; truly look him/her/them. Without your anger. Without your grief. Without your vengeance. Do you really see your brother’s murderer? Are you REALLY certain that their innocence is a lie? Or do you not wish to admit to yourself that the one who stands before you is a innocent, while the one you loved dearly tormented them as one of the few who have turned their backs on Olympus?”. Or you know, use some type of magic that forces Sage to experience that moment in the Bearer’s shoes when they were being hunted down by Saxon.