Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

I don’t mind spoilers!

Seeing all these new people in the thread who don’t know what happens in the game is so bizarre haha

Back in my day, Rohie was still around and we were all wondering if Saint was an RO, not to mention those endless arguments about things like the clothes options sighs I remember it like it was yesterday… the good old days… they don’t make threads like they used to, etc. etc…


Still not over that Saint has a boyfie. Highkey need to know who

Meanwhile, since am twiddling my thumbs for this game, I’ve finally made some headway into a fanfic ft my MC (and payday happened so likely I’ll be commissioning a friend of mine to draw one of them)


Wow, I just realized that my s/o is dead…again.

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I just want to meet all of the deities!

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It’s been like a year since I last checked in on this WIP, and it’s still one of my all time favorites. Your writing is marvelous, I love the world building and I like how organized it is, if that makes sense? Like how the stats screen is or how you ask questions to Saint and Calypso. Idk, it’s very neat and well done and I appreciate that.

(I’m sorry for being nitpicky or if these have been caught by other people)

From you spot across the room, you can see (…)


After the initial shock and several ice-breakinh jokes, you (…)


(…) which was much appreciated with the increasingly rising temperatures.

This is a really dumb thing, but I think this should be is instead of was. With the exception of when the narrator is describing how the Protagonist and Benji met, everything else is in present tense with the exception of this. I know it’s a small thing, but it’ll help keep things uniform.
(again sorry for such a small thing)

bestfriend, the sun having long gone into slumber.

best friend

Common,” Benji teases, pointing over his shoulder at the man. “How can you not comment on that?”

Either c’mon or come on

"Yes, because that always works out." you muse.

make this a comma instead of a period. That’s because the Protagonist is still talking afterwards

You’re walking between beautiful cherryblossoms(…)

cherry blossoms

You had come home wounded and bruised, and aunt Alice had swiftly driven you to the emergency room. (…) aunt Alice had her own line of third-degree questioning.

I think aunt should be capitalized. However since it’s something consistent you do, I think it’s an optional thing

“I’m not supposed to go anywhere with strangers.”

Maybe it’s my computer, but I got an error that wouldn’t let me pick this option when the hunters surrounded the Protagonist

The boy reels back in pain, or shock, or betrayl(…)


S aint glares at you, but you press on.


“Ddin’t something seem…off?”


“There hasn’t been any solid accusation. A, because there isn’t a sufficient amount of proof to make one, and B, no ones been brave enough to do it.”

Ok this is kinda hazy grammar rules so maybe get a second opinion on this.
I think the “correct” way (english is so stupid) to do this sentence is:

“There hasn’t been any solid accusation: A, because there isn’t a sufficient amount of proof to make one; and B, no ones been brave enough to do it.”

From what I remember, because you’re listing things off you’d put a colon and because you have commas in the separate parts (in A and B) then you use a semicolon to separate the two ideas and to not confuse readers.
HOWEVER, I kinda doubt anyone but me would really care about this, lol.

An indescrible flicker of emotion passes on Saint’s face. “It depends on who you ask.”
“Well, I’m asking you.”
Saint smiles for the first time, and it’s an easy smile, something he must be used to doing under different circumstances.

There’s nothing wrong with this. I just really like this scene and thought it was sweet.

The give you the mindset of near invincibility; you could have an arrow in your heart and still be expected to pull through. (…)”


“It’s unexpected. But, it’s reflected in his son.”

delete the comma after but
I also think this could be merged into one sentence

“I just told you.” Saint say simply.

ok a definite nitpick, but I think you can delete what’s bolded. The readers know Saint is the one talking and can assume his tone from what he says. It’s not wrong, but it weakens the scene and adds unnecessary descriptors.

“He’s married to Aphrodit, too. (…)”


“Ares and Hephaestus are the only children Zeus had with Hera, right?”

(ok i’m gonna pull out my nerd credentials and I’m SO SORRY)
of the Big Twelve, it’s correct, but Zeus and Hera did have more than just Hephaestus and Ares. Hebe (goddess of youth, former cupbearer to the gods, possible wife to Herakles, and Hera’s attendant), Eileithyia (goddess of pain relief during pregnancy, though her parentage is more contested). Athena in some hymns is even stated to be their foster daughter

“Though it usually nesecitates a shitload of power.”

also this made me laugh, I love it

But, I wouldn’t have expected less.

delete the comma after but


In the off chance that @Rohie drops by you’re doing amazing and as you can see we’re all very excited and 100% behind you


And how am I suppose to replace that? Download it or something?

In the url friend! I wanted to check out part 5 so I did this


Yeah that’s pretty much what happens

As much as I would like to read it I would probably prefer to wait until the bug is fixed even if I wait half a year…maybe 8 weeks :slight_smile:

I came back to play this game but certain lines crash my game, is there any way to get around this? I remember the story was longer than just the medical bay…

No. You either wait for Rohie to come back and fix the code or code read the scenes.


Ah crap, thanks for the heads up

If you could romance a god/goddess, who would you romance and why?

Reason:because romance


Honestly. Just not Zeus :)) we all know what happens if you’re involved with him


Hades (outside the CotG-verse), Hephaestus, Asclepius, Hypnos (sleep), Morpheus (dream),

Hemera (dawn/day), Nyx (night), Selene (moon), Eris

To why, it seems like i subconsciously took account to utility for the gods and beauty for the goddesses…



Artemis, she’s badass and I’ve just always thought of her as a lesbian for some reason :grin:


Hello, after taking a look at all these bugs and doing them myself, and looking at the coding, I can safely say that something is wrong with the coding when it comes to the “*set sarcastic +1” stat. Most likely having to do with the startup.txt and or choicescript_stats.txt.
(I’m not sure atm, but I’ll look into both and see if I can’t pinpoint it)

I hope this helps when it comes to finding more bugs. If this has already been stated, I apologize. :sweat:

With this known, I think we can safely assume that anything having to do with the stat and coding “*set sarcastic +1” will lead to a bug and a “not a number: false” error.

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