Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

Right now, This is illustrate perfectly how I feel…

Hades will never be my Dad. :musical_note:Hello Darkness, my old friends :musical_note:


But hey, that just means we have a really supportive dad and uncle!

…more importantly, our relationship bars look more even :smiley:


Well, if it will even our relashionship bar, then it’s all O.K.! :smile::smirk:
Though I must admit, I do like it when the bars are even…

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Not gonna lie, my roleplaying often gives way to me meta-gaming just so the bars look better…

I also just tried a royal guard bromance with Paris and ended up betraying Sparta. I hope Aeson was right and doing this makes it so Troy never fell lmao

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Yeah, no.

I think that ultimately whatever we see in the memory has already happened!
But that would have been be nice!

P.s: I always betray Sparta. I luuuve Aeson that much. We shall stick together wether I like it or not. And in that case I did not!

But I kinda pride myself for my Hufflepuff-like loyalty, so betraying Sparta was a tough decision. I’ll just say Leon’s bond to Helen and Paris was strong enough to overcome that…

Yeah the memory already happened but that could also mean that our actions had direct effects on the history. I believe Rohie toyed with the idea of playing with the past before, the difference between legends being passed down versus the stories of someone who was actually there

Edit: @Nyxerie I did it with the +2 to Wit and I’m still the Son of Two (at least in the dialogue). I guess we really can’t escape our genetically-addled fate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Poseidon looks away. “Nothing, Altair. I would not be surprised if you expected nothing of me as well.” Zeus smiles. “Everything and more. You’re capable of that much.”

Talk about a difference in parenting styles.


This so much. D:<

So apparently dad’s “genes” influences our want for murdering people…yes I know there is a lot of different reason why each player would choose to kill the Seeker…I’m just sitting here being a tiny bit bitter. But only a tiny but. It’ll pass. ^^


This Zeus mellowed with age. Other Zeus’ didn’t.

[spoiler]“Percy put his hand on my shoulder. “You’re Apollo. We need you. You can do this. Besides, if you don’t, I will personally throw you off the top of the Empire State Building.”

This was exactly the pep talk I needed—just the sort of thing Zeus used to say to me before my soccer matches. I squared my shoulders. “Right.”[/spoiler]

I killed the guy in self-defense and got the most awesome dad :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s a win-win.

Okay so I’ve been watching this WIP for far too long without saying anything and after that update, I’m dead. I’M DEAD.
I have died more times than the MC and Aeson have died and reincarnated! :slight_smile::upside_down:

Honestly, everything about this game is great and I love it a lot!
The characters are diverse and well-written, and I’m enjoying your take on Greek mythology, the Gods, and the lore! :bouquet::sparkling_heart:
Can’t wait to see where the story goes and what else you have planned to kill me!!!

And now a lil bit about the update!

I’m so torn on whose butt I should touch now :kissing_closed_eyes:
First, Calypso :blush:
Then, Adonis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And now, Aeson :mask:
Let me live! Please let us live happily with mutual butt-touching!
Tbh I didn’t think I’d fall for Aeson as hard as I did? But then the flashback happened and then he was so darn charming and wow, I really didn’t stand a chance with that one :eyes:
I wish I could’ve still romanced him without betraying Sparta because it would’ve been more :fire: tragic and great :fire: but I love the flashback nonetheless!
Ahhh and the fact that if you romanced him in the flashback, you SMOOCHED and ‘This is the Paris I loved?’ + they went on talking like it didn’t happen :see_no_evil::kissing_closed_eyes::heartbeat: GOOD B Y E.

Oh and I got the 2 dad glitch (Poseidon and Zeus) with these stats btw!

I was so sure that Hades was gonna be my dad but I’m happy with Poseidon too! You wrote him to be such a cute ol’ dad!

PS, if I remember correctly, both Hermes and Apollo can be flings, right? Or did I make that up in my own head? :wink:

Okay, I’m done! I’m a mess. This is message is a mess.
:seedling: You’re great tho :herb:

I’ll just be here, looping this and this for the rest of my life because Trojan war them made me feel a lot of things :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


I just replayed the game, and chose to kill the seeker, just to see how it would turn out.

Weirdly enough, I felt hurt the most when Hades turned out to be my MC’s father… I think i can deal with not killing the seeker and Poseidon being my dad.


Yeah I don’t want to change that major decision just to meta-game for Hades. I like him, but not that much :neutral_face:

Btw, I really like how the personalities are now based on the 4 Temperaments/Humours. Now I can really RP as my personality lmao :smiley:

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I prefer not meta gaming if it changes my character’s personality!
Yeah I do enjoy the new personalities as well!
My Mc personality is somewhere between easy-going/friendly/sarcastic.

By the way,@rohie didn’t answer, but do the gods recognize the the Bearer/Bestower when they are born into random human bodies?
Also it’s interesting that in the flashback, Aeson could be enchanted by Eros! It means we are not impervious to mind manipulation/mind manipulation!

I kinda wish sarcasm wasn’t tied to choleric but oh well, I’ll still choose to be sarcastic every other chapter XD


when I played my dad was never revealed… I’m so sad about that

Loved it. Here some thoughts on it:

[spoiler] First thing, I SO got frienzoned by Helen. That was hilarious, honestly, I laughed very hard at that. I´m gonna be honest, the flashback was not something I was looking forward to, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. I really did. Especially when it was mentioned that Achilles was disguised as a woman, Pyrrha…which brought memories of the animated series RWBY for which I thank you a lot.
Now let´s talk Aeson…I thought I would hate the jackass, being my counterpart (or complement, whatever) and all. And I do hate him, however, I like the character. Still, I can´t wait to suck the Essence out of him and watch him die…What?
Next thing. So…Zeus is our father, huh? I really didn´t give a fuck about who it would be so…meh. What I didn´t like though, and this is important, it´s that during the ceremony, when I was called and Zeus “proclaimed” me as his Champion, I didn´t get to say anything. I went with sarcastic personality and I despise the gods, so my MC would have said something like “Oh, I´m flattered, really, but I´m not interested in the whole ´kill each other´ thing. Thanks though.” I know it wouldn´t change anything for plot issues, but I still think that adding that choice would be good for dynamics. Something simple, like:

  • Walk silently and slash your hand
  • Say you are not interested
  • Say you would rather another god
    Something like that would be fine, and again, it WOULDN´T change anything. I would still have to be Zeus´puppet, sorry, Champion, but it would show everyone where I stand and it would also show how the gods don´t care about what WE want.
    Last thing, the update was great, super looking forward for the next one, but I did end up longing for a scene with Sage. I wanna give it a go at making peace with her (and romance later). I mean, granted, I killed her brother, total turn-off, but the guy was changed, corrupted, it was a matter of survival. I wanna see how my MC would explain that out, and how would Sage react to it, considering everything that has been happening with the Seekers. Will she believe me? Give me the benefit of the doubt? Slit my throat? I really want to see that scene played out. [/spoiler]
    Again, it was awesome :clap::clap::clap:

Sarcasm and choleric has zero sense. Almost never goes together. SARCASM IS A WAY TO REFLECT EMOTIONS. CHOLERIC IS A BLUNT WAY TO SHOW ANGER AND HATRED. It is like blend together Charisma ajd God will… Upps another wrongful stat here. Imagine Hitler he was charismatic as hell… Oh how peaceful he was… :sarcasm: :wink: @Rohie I understand you are just starting but personalities and a possibility of lie should be included.


Same here. It would be so completely ooc for my MC if I went that route.

My MC has so far changed from sarcastic → charming → Melancholic. When we choose the last personality I did kind of miss an option to be like "Screw you guys, it’s not funny that people treat me like the big bad boogeyman. What the hell?!

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Ah, the thing is, this clashes quite mightily with those of our poor pacifist demis who happen to have strength as the lowest stat.
(Pictures papa constantly wrestling looking glasses and ink-stained quills away.)
The struggle wouldn’t take long, obviously…

And yet, I wish to sing a song to this intriguing, nuanced slice of art. Or better yet, an epic. This brilliant bit of talent and sunlight inspired me to refrain from my typical nonchalance and dive in. First post. @Rohie You made me do it. Thank you…


Actually, I can see how sarcasm and choleric would go together. Choleric simply means someone who is easily irritated or prone to anger; it doesn’t mean they are necessarily blunt. I’ve known individuals who I would term choleric, but deliver their irritation via sarcasm.