Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

Did you told the soldiers to wait? Try to tell them to go to the center.

Try yo restart your game, because the code has changed.
If you saved, it is better to start a new game.

try to clear your browser history and cache or play in a private/incognito window, that should help

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I started a new one after the update - I’m in the middle of trying to see if it happens again with another new one. Hopefully not, I guess.

Edit: Yep, it still happens with my saves cleared or while using an incognito window.

When I play as a royal guard, and choose to send the men to the east and have the rest hold back, I get stuck on “You are nearly hit by a spear.”

Is that after phrase:
It looks like you had a miss in setting up your men.?

I think the problem is that:
It looks like you had a miss in setting up your men.
*page_break You nearly get hit by a spear.
*goto malefight
there is malefight instead of malefight2

If you want to bypass the bug choose:
“I want most of the men positioned on the east hill.” he says.
“I want the rest of the men to be front and center.” he says.

Because going from the past to present is how world works. Trying to go from future to past is the problematic part



You lead the attack, your warriors flanking you on either side. You grip your shield with your left hand, and hold your spear in your right. The bronze helmet of the Trojan’s feels heavy on your head, crushing the sides of your face.

You slash your spear at a Spartan that tries to break the secure wall you’ve set up, then bang your shield against his head, knocking him off his horse.

The horse yields, its head whipping back in search for its master.

You keep riding on.

You see the men you urged the king to send ahead of your own group rushing through the Spartans, their spears clashing against armor and their shields bashing against flesh.

It looks like you set up your men well. [/spoiler]

I’m a bit confused. Shouldn’t our character be wearing Spartan armor and fighting the Trojans? At least, I chose to fight for King Menelaus


Poseidon stands before you, clad in a casual chiton.

You feel your heart begin to beat abnormally.

“You?” you ask, your voice edged. “It’s you?”

Poseidon glances at you then turns away. “Your voice could summon the largest waves, Altair.”

You stare, not speaking.

“I assume you have questions.” he says. Zeus looks you straight in the eyes, his gaze unflinching. “Your voice could command the skies, Altair.” [/spoiler]

I guess I got the two dad glitch too? here are my stats:

I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to see Poseidon and Zeus both talking to me with their distinct personalities :smiley:

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I got the exact same stats and the two-dad glitch as well!

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@Rohie ahh I found it xD You need to change the last *if dad2 = true on *if dad3 = true

well, i purposefully chose not to pay attention in class to make the two stats tie. I planned on resetting and have Wit on top by 2 points but now I’m tempted to keep this MC, the Son of Two. Talk about an overpowered demigod :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah my MC apparently got two dads too. At first I was kind of confused…like “Zeus…? Where the hell did you come from!?” ^^

But anyway…aw I wanted Hades as my MC’s father. :frowning: (Yes I know I’m very biased :P)

Is it only stat dependent? Or do some choices we have made during the game also dictate who the MC’s father is?


I’ve tried with +2 to wit and it doesn’t change anything for me!
Though now I kinda want to be The Son/Daughter of Two. I want that to become my official title! :joy:


I’ve been wondering something; what’s the extent exactly that you plan to develop the morality trait? Will it be possible to get to 100% or will the stats be vulnerable to fairmath slopes?

I’m completely loving the game, but the realism I’m asking is because I’m playing my MC as psychopathic as I can get; she’s relaxed and easygoing with everybody, but that’s only skin deep; underneath she’s completely devoid of empathy, remorse or guilt in her actions. I mean, I leave it up to you because you clearly know what you’re doing, but my main MC will forever be the psychopath that no-one believes is capable of hurting somebody maliciously. I’d love it so much if I could play my MC like that.

That worked thank you.

I mean, Heimdallr in Norse mythology is the Son of Nine Mothers (no clue how that happened). Why not have a demigod that unites the skies and the seas? :smiley:

Those trials will be a cake-walk


I wish i got the dad glitch all i get is father :disappointed:

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If somone wants to know what you need to do to get each god as a father:

Hades: kill the seeker and Wit > Strenght
Zeus: kill the seeker and Allure > strenght
Poseidon: don’t kill the seeker or kill and Strenght > Allure and Wit


Aw man, I guess I’ll never have Henry as my dad… rats >_<


Just finished playing the update and aside from the father bugs, which have been mentioned numerous times already, and some typos, that have also been mentioned by other people, it was really good :slight_smile: