Children of the Gods (Important poll #12306)

The tellhim2 error should be fixed for the Trojan War flashback. Also, thank you @Needy. I tried your suggestion and I hope it works! Coding who your dad is is very difficult with the wide array of stats.

If anyone is still having trouble with the dad reveal scene, please screenshot your stats.

Thank you all for the spelling errors! There will be a lot; it seems I’ve forgotten basic grammar, too.

To answer some questions:
Persephone Aeson considers her his real mother, since his mother died. Hence the “Hello, mother.”

I thought it was labeled? I’ll check![quote=“Nyxerie, post:3011, topic:15482”]
And I noticed that Magic and Essence are now merged? Is it normal?

Yes, because your magic is really you, the Essence.[quote=“RanchoJoe, post:2999, topic:15482”]
The option to get a tattoo is gone? :frowning:

Just caught that. It’s back now.

@Edgewen In regards to your amazing beautiful insightful post: [spoiler]I like your assessment of Aeson; it’s really interesting. Also, with the classroom scene, I realized my blurb. My thought process was that you already know that people find you unsettling, and you’d rather keep it secret; but I get where you’re coming from. I fixed it. Kinda.

also, Avery is supposed to be at the ceremony, helping people clean up their palms; you know, since about twenty of you have just willingly cut yourselves. But I decided to save that (and most of the ceremony) for the next update,when I have time to really write quality (and not rushed) work. But yes, my sweet Avery is getting very neglected. Thank you for pointing that out![/spoiler]


I loved the update and Zeus is my dad!!! Go Emo Mara! Say Whatever. I LOVE AESON SO CUTE. But I have an issue Emo Mara is always sarcastic however she is polite with teachers lol, she is the allure mistress so that polite response changed her personality from Emo to miss ponies and rainbows… No way. I found annoying the lacking of influence of my allure 60 . Ajd dressing to triumph like a top model… No one cares about me… :cry: My character feel ugly as hell. Allure so far is totally totally useless. Also I want to be sarcastic and charming with people. My character hates gods not people and she is not an ass.

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Aeson seems to be trying too much. I neither like or dislike him.

And it seems the real father of my character is Hades! I was hoping my character would be the Prince of the Underworld!

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He is so similar and dramatic to Emo Mara that they agree in almost every word. He doesn’t trust gods either. So I think she would trust him. BUT CHIPMUCK , SHE IS A SPY… ALWAYS ALERT ON MY ROOM WATCHING DIE CHIPMUCK I KNEW YOU ARE MY WORST ENEMY


What I’ve played of the update is super good, really like Aeson’s introduction, and the flashback was fantastic. But since I was one of the people originally affected by the lack of a dad in the dad scene, I went back to play it… and got this glitch (sorry!):

It feels a lot like karma for playing this instead of revising…


My character is a no-nonsense and only trust Athena (he see her as his “real” mother).
Maybe that is why I AM ambivalent towards him.

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I honestly feel like that’s Aeson’s motive. ^.^

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you forgot one round bracket
((var2 = true) and (Allure > Strength))

I just caught that. Thank you @Needy! (My new catchphrase).

I always get the biggest smile on my face when you call Haris chipmunk! Basically,this is Haris in my mind now:

(You are the acorn/nut).
But I will tell you that there’s more to Haris.


Emo Mara only trusts in herself and now in Aeson, because if she dies,he dies. She is nice with Saint group because she needs them but is prepared to slain them . Chipmuck and gods are they enemies, and she knows it.

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@Rohie can you tell me what happened with the Mirror of the Sea?

Likely confiscated so we won’t use it to get as far away as possible.

It’s a good alone-time device! And Mia sooooo wasn’t going to use it to flee as quick as she could once she got better. >.> <.<

But think of the pranks we can pull off with it! We can just wave it in front of people and they’ll be invisible all of a sudden!

I keep getting stuck at the part with the spear almost hitting my head.

@Rohie That’s how my character imagines Chipmunk …Haris? She is so chipmunk that I can imagine a real person… so bad at faking fear and naivety …shivering like an squirrel watching a wild cat… Liar betrayer Chipmunk…

@Rohie It seems we can’t load save files from the present-day setting while we’re in the flashback from Sparta :open_mouth:

A shame we can’t scream this is Sparta before kicking someone into a bottomless pit :smiley:

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Of course we can’t, save files can’t travel in time just yet. Maybe in the next choicescrip update. SAVE THROUGH TIME Periods… :wink:

I am so sorry, but for some reason I seem to be finding all the Father-related glitches today. Cautious use of spoiler tags just in case. Got both Poseidon and Zeus, with these stats;

But we can load saved files from Sparta while playing a chapter set in the present-day! :open_mouth: