Brink of a New Dawn (wip) Now with demo Update 8 2/18/18 Biggest update yet

Welcome to Brink of a New Dawn. The current premise of the game is about a dream I had about a year ago, and decided that it would make a good choice of games story. The player works at the company Gentekk, the lead genetic coding facility during the cold war. The company plays on the paranoia of the The Soviet Union and The US, and you end up in the middle of it. Interested yet?. Well it get’s more interesting. You get accused of stealing sensitive research and end up in an experimental vat. You wake up in a foreign country as a werebeast. Then join a supernatural fighting group called the New Dawn. Are you ready to take down the conglomerate business of GenTekk.

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suggestions are very much appreciated and wanted and any feedback is welcomed. However don’t veer off topic much.

Update I think I am going to start a wip on this next year.


Update 12/5/17 I am officially making this a wip after great support from the community. Demo might be posted after Christmas or a few months later. Feel free to ask for progress and when the demo might come out

Update 1/24/18: Oooga Booga I finally got over my procrastination and made a demo of this game
Any judgment is helpful. I mostly want feedback on my details, grammar, flow, and storytelling. Pretty much everything.

1/25/18 Updated again almost doubled the length of the story. You can now choose your beast. Stats screen is coming up next as well as some eldritch magic. And maybe figuring out how to label chapters.

Should I add new werebeasts and nationalities I am accepting any addition of creatures or nationalities as long as they revolve around the cold war and creatures are in reason so no sharkbearagator

Update 1/28/18 Completed South African section and added Stats

Future plans start RO’s and RO wars. Also, whichever country is selected that scene will be released.

Update 1/29/18 I added the escape from South Africa to Germany with the start of the New Dawn gang
@Sophia and @IronRaptor I threw you guys in the game as cameos if you aren’t chill with that, I can fix that. Just added you guys since you are the ones who inspired me to make this :heart:

Update 1/31/18 5 more characters are introduced to the story and the first battle happens. The battle is short though

I am person with consistency so ill try to strictly follow this update schedule Monday Wednesday Thursday with updates .

Update 2/11/18 Sorry for the long update time, had some technical difficulties. Added a new character and some training time.
Update 2/12/18 Lore heavy update you learn about Tyler’s past and his hatred for you. You get new clothing and prepare for the first mission.
Update 2/18/18: First mission is added and new features to previous choices have been added. Eldritch magic is now able to be learned in a certain path. You learn more about the characters as well. Some old scenes updated and more detailed than before. I estimate this was an 8k word update.

Demo Link


My advice is if you like it, do it. Even if some people may come here and say they are not interested, there will always be people who will like and those who will not like. For me if I make my game and just one person likes it, it was worth it. Even if that person is myself.

One suggestion I would have is that the USSR was made up of several countries, Russia being only one of them. Granted it was the boss there, but being able to choose to be from the other underrepresented countries would be quite cool, even if it doesn’t make much of a difference in the game, I always like character creation!

Also, being clear about which creatures we will become depending on color would be desirable, so we don’t pick being a weremole or something by accident lol.


Russia is the home base of the area but I suppose I could always put origin from the area of the Soviet union you are from and pink would be for sure be the naked mole rat, and I’m going to reveal the effect in the middle so people don’t restart every time. I am still not too sure on the name of the story nor the company nor the setting era always up for suggestions. black would be dragon I do think however I am going to give subtle hints on what color each is but not blatantly say it. Since most people haven’t been able to know the color correlation there all be a set a numbers and letters to give some hints like 13-15-14-E which would be mole

A mythical creature such a werewolf?

20 mysterious characters

most definitely

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Would the storylines for both (US and Russia based MC)be different (yet interwoven) or is it just ‘different’ aesthetically?

The Russian and the United States path are relatively the same, however, depending on what you choose affects the color vats you have available making some only exclusive to creatures native to that land. I plan on the names to be different for your co-workers depending on the country. Despite the vat options, neither path really makes a huge difference because regardless of your path you end up in the vat and wake up in a place(thinking about doing Germany). So, yes there are some minor gameplay differences, but mainly the USSR and United States are for aesthetics because doing just the US seems like a worn out idea. Nobody really presents the USSR as the playable characters, so I thought it would be unique to set the area that is refreshing.


In definitely interested but would like to see psychic powers of some description be introduced.

Well as far as I am aware of were-beasts don’t really have any psychic power. I would consider the option if you could possibly name one.

Right now I am considering whether or not to make this stat heavy. What would you guys prefer choices effected heavily by stats or just an HP bar with stamina or in the middle.

I would dare to say that the middle road is the best road.


I was leaning towards that but I am still not 100 percent sure what should I use for stats here maybe a rage meter, humanity meter, alignment. I only have the skeleton so I am relying on what people would love to see and incorporate that then weave the story through that.

I can’t think of any Mythology offhand where psychic powers were linked to werebeasts but I can think of several occasions in mythology where man-best creatures had strange powers such as conjuring fire, hypnosis\suggestion, and given the mysticism and mystery surrounding these creatures some may even be getting their enhanced strength from their psychic powers. The only transforming creatures I know of are werewolves and there is no real established link between werebeasts and psychic powers in any recent tellings.

Another approach would be for the “were-beasts” to only appear to transform in the eyes of the observers or to leave a heavy mental impact of certain creatures depending on their actions and perhaps leave the affected/cursed unaware.

The original tales of werewolves do speak to some effect to this were being a were-wolf was not necessarily a physical thing but having an “infection” of the soul, where a person could unbeknownst to him devour those around him due to being a werewolf with no physical transformation of any kind.

So for all intents and purposes the conjuration of werebeasts in the original tales across the land had no real unifying presence other than animals being involved in some way. This allows for greater creative freedom than one would originally think. However I do think you as an author should write whatever you think werebeasts are as I believe that will help the story along. if you have no interest in adding psychic influences into your story I will probably buy it anyway as the settings alone is enough to get my interest.

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I may not have psychic powers, but I do have eldritch magic and that is all I’m going to say


You have my attention!

I very much think that choice script is best when its not relying on rolls like DND but rewarding you for staying true to your character. So your stoic character can’t suddenly be charming and full of emotion.

The most engaging stories (imo) are the games that don’t slow you down with combat numbers or reloading the game because you lost a dice roll.

Having a large opening section where you slowly determine who your character is through story line events, three or four for each meter.

Having a health meter could be a good way to give tension, a humanity meter however sounds like it should be another vs Meter, Humanity vs ???

I don’t have a very good answer for what it should be opposing because I don’t know what is going on in the game.

some “vs” stats off the top of my head

charming vs stoic
Persuasive vs Control
Diplomacy vs combat
Perverse vs Noble

intuition vs calculating
strength vs finese
Order vs Savage

Something else to do might be to use reverse bars that only reveal themselves once filled or filled to a certain amount.

Simple terms Humanity vs Beast. Despite the stats, I am going to make the mc not the chosen one, but in fact, the weakest link who has to build up to the top. Currently, I’m trying to make this story the black sheep of games. Very underused settings, not op mc, and on top of that sticking to as realistic as I can get in the 50’s-60’s excluding GenTEKK.


I don’t have any love for his stuff, so I don’t think my opinion is very valid.

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I’ve decided to leave that stuff out when the whole plot that i developed eldritch magic will be involved, but not any of the huge cult stuff.


So for all who read and Finished south Africa where should I go next.

  • Germany
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Other (Post on forum)

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Also throughout the whole story, I give subtle hints when this takes place I’ve already given two, and if you can guess it I will give you a cameo in the story.

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