Bringing Simulation to CoG (I need ideas!)


Hallo Cog, today I made this thread because I want you guys to give me ideas. Throughout my time using CS, I’ve always thought that I wanted to make games that people will play over and over and over again, and still get different results. AKA Simulation Games, I would just like to know what kinds of simulations you guys would be interested in that could effectively be text based.

Also, don’t bring up life simulation, I’m already working on something like that, and so are a few others I know.



God simulation.

Start with building your world, what kind of world will it be. Create your people. If it’s too easy a world then your people will be soft and you’ll need to spend all your power to look after them. Do you answer all their prayers or do you let them get on with it?

Some sort of Belief stat where the more people believe in you the more belief you get, which you can then use to perform miracles. You can talk to people too of course and cause great catastrophes, send plagues on your enemy. Seek to convert people through kindness or not.

Pet Simulation

People like games where they have pets and can raise them.

Dungeon/Castle Simulation

Like Dungeon Keeper, you’re in charge of a dungeon, people keep trying to break in and steal your treasure.


@FairyGodfeather Actually, the idea of a god simulation game doesn’t sound half bad. I’m picturing a rather Choice of the Dragon-esque set-up, but the notion has potential.


How about a military sim, you join the army and work your way up. Or civilization sim- you start out in the Neanderthal age and build your way to modern age.


Lol I already started a bit on the God sim Hahaha, I love the idea!


God sim sounds awesome and there are so few of them. The only ones I know are Black and White 1&2 but I never felt my decisions really mattered in it.

What kind of god would we be talking about a one all powerful god or multiply gods that represent different aspects of life like the Greek gods but act as one individual being?

Would there be an anti god in this game constantly trying to undermine you like Satan or other lesser gods trying to gain power?

And depending on how much people believe in you will you gain more power and if not believed at all would you fade away?

If a god sim game is chosen these kinds of things will really need to be considered.


God sim is very fun… I am god so i would know it



Populous was the first god sim I think.


And depending on how much people believe in you will you gain more power and if not believed at all would you fade away?

Sounds more like politicians instead of a god.

I always wanted to get my hands on Populous. A similar one I played for a while is the one from Ubisoft, don’t remember what it’s called, From Dust? They had it ported to Chrome.



From Dust was decent enough. I got stuck at one point couldn’t stop a tidal wave fast enough.


I will love a game when you lost your memory totally and you discover you are a absolutist monarch or a big brother in an alternate world you subdue to the total power or you try to change the things? Also if some day I finish my game I do one in the Roman imperium like it was in reality with al blood and poison


What about a Match Maker Sim where you help people to find love?

~ You are a God/Goddess of Love and you help your worshipers to find their True Love (or not, Muahahaha?).

~ You are a human, in the business of love, running a company who matches up people for profit.

~ You are a mother/father who has several children who you hope will carry on your Dynasty/Good name. 

In any of these, good endings vs bad endings could be based on who you pair up, what advice you give, and the way in which you go about doing so.

For example, in the third option, you have a daughter who is infatuated by a poor musician. Do you allow her to follow her heart or insist that she marry the merchant’s son? If you give your blessing on the musician, do you give her the right kind of advice to let them have a good life, or let her make her own mistakes? And if you push for the merchant’s son, do you go about it the wrong way and push her away forever? Or are you subtle/persuasive enough to make her see what a good mate he would be?


i think andy is already building a god sim i think… but sound like a good idea


@Massgamer - The difficulty with God sims is the nature of the gods themselves. If we think of the typical ‘idea’ of a god, they tend to be omnipotent. Usually that means they shouldn’t/can’t be ‘wrong’, their understanding of a situation would precede mortal minds.

It’s one of the major reasons why I try not to do any interaction scenes with mortals and a god, it is excessively difficult to pull off well.

And therein lies the problem, a god sim is played by us, we would effectively be playing flawed gods, ones whom make mistakes and hold mortal beliefs and ideas. It is never going to be a ‘correct’ sim (I’m tired I can’t find the word for this…) but even so, a god-sim would be one sim I’d LOVE to see made to a sufficiently high quality to play. =D


@Rvallant Actually omnipotent means ‘All Power(ful)’, it’s Omniscient (“all knowing”) that would perhaps *suggest* that they can’t be wrong.

But regardless, the idea of a God SIM in choice-script intrigues me - out of all of them, that one I would definitely like to see. I think it should definitely be a game/simulation type job though, not a prolonged story with game mechanics.

Look to populous and the new Godus for inspiration?


Most god sims solve that problem by not making the god omnipotent - like almost every god in almost every polytheistic religion.


There are so many conceptions of god(s) that there really should be no obstacle to a God-sim, beyond deciding on which theology to adopt.


@CJW I stand corrected.


omnipotent? omniscient? @CJW knowledge has once again amazed me