Bringing Simulation to CoG (I need ideas!)

I completely agree with the God Sim idea. It’ll be fun, especially if you include the concept of “god” from all over the world like ascending from a “god-king” to god, or evolving from a nature spririt to a deity, or just being a super powerful god from the start, and so on

I like this idea as well. I think the player should start as a lesser god serving a higher god. There should also be a court of higher gods vying for the attention or the throne of the all mighty god, like lords in a court. There should also be non god like creatures such as archangels, servants advisors and maybe spys ect.
Having different planes would also be nice for example one where the gods live. The next would be the main universe with all the worlds, and the third should be an underworld where themself has the same structure.

Since the original author of this thread hasn’t posted since 2017, I think it’s safe to say that more ideas aren’t needed at this point in time. If you’d like to continue the discussion or talk about ideas of your own for simulation games, feel free to use the Interest Check thread or start a thread with a broader theme!