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I enjoy FBI route so much, can i romance Megan House?

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In Breach 2 you can, though as of currently it’s not implemented yet, but you will be able to soon once I finish the FBI hangouts.


Thanks Michael, looking forward for Breach 2. And thank you for amazing story.

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How do you pass the frisk checks in this game? I thought having high incognito would do it but even if I passed the check, they always finds the rest of my weapons and take them away. I can understand them taking the katana and body armor if it’s not the covert type but always managing to find my pistols even if I passed the check? Am I missing something here?

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I have been going through this for awhile now trying to figure out why this doesn’t appear to be the case in-game.

Apparently this is a bug, and has been patched for the upcoming update for the Breach 2 release :sweat_smile:

Certain pistols like the Makarov and the Ruger LCP is an auto-pass, while the M1911 and glocks should be an incognito check.


Playing the game right now, its pretty good, I would say too many characters and not enough time with them is my biggest thing but pretty fun, it feels more like a game than a story though.

However unlike most stories I like the fact that the pacing isn’t really slow, most stories have super slow pacing usually on reading the history, or talking or doing useless stuff with characters so I appreciate the pacing of this story.

Just wanted to ask, can you romance multiple characters in this game?



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Can I ask everyone a question? Why do most of the players like the FBI route so much? I keep seeing players getting so excited about it on the Breach: Chicago Warzone forum and I never played the FBI route in the first one since I don’t like betraying the criminal characters and I don’t usually like betrayals unless it either seems fun or it they’re planning on betraying me first.


Apparently the FBI route reveals some not so fun things about the criminal friends but that’s all I know

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Considering they’re criminals that not only, if Im not mistaken, use to be soldiers but also use to be part of a super secret mercenary group it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surpise that they’ve done some real dirty deeds, probably for dirt cheap too. Personally tho, I’d still rather them than any of those 3 letter agencies.


Hey, it’s an extra playable pathway. It’s what these games are about LOL. On a more serious note, if you want to be a goody two shoes, it might be for you.


I’m one of those people who right now prefers the FBI route, but I only started to like it after playing the demo. In book 1 that route was underdeveloped and I couldn’t find a valid reason for betraying the Archangel.

After playing both routes in the demo, I feel like the mc has more agency with the FBI. As Raphael, you still do whatever the main trio asks you to do, if you ever question an order or ask for answers they simply tell you to trust them, that all will be revealed in due time and so on, it feels a bit repetitive. You do get some information about your parents, which is nice, but not enough for me to keep following them blindly. Also the mc feels more like an accessory to the main trio rather than well… the mc :sweat_smile:

The FBI route feels more engaging. You can decide to help the FBI and bring down the Archangel or actively sabotage them by withholding information and doing the opposite of what they ask you to do. You can go and meet Greg on your own and find out more about Gabriel’s true identity (you also get more clues in this route imo), you can even decide to let Greg go and so far nobody finds out. You can also see the aftermath of the Archangel’s presence in Chicago from a more ‘neutral’ pov and I personally think this gives more nuance to the story. It also helps that I really like the FBI team, they feel competent, they question orders and ask questions, they’re suspicious and realise on their own that things aren’t adding up (if you know you know) and I appreciate that a lot more than a crew that does stuff just because.

It really all comes down to how you like to play.


I’ve purposefully written the two routes in two very different themes. Though I will say that the choice to go into the FBI route does include betraying the people you might care deeply about, but the consequences was already relayed to you at the start of the game, meeting Anthony for the first time.

Both routes are perfectly valid, and player agencies exist in both, just in different ways. You get to see a lot more of those changes in Breach 2, with the two sides being very far apart in the beginning.

As someone said before, the story can be as deep, or as shallow as you want it to be.


Saw two updates for breach today on steam anyone know what they might have been?


Tons of bug fixes and a huge compatibility update that’ll make Breach 1 saves compatible with Breach 2.

Also a few other grammar, typo, as well as small changes to certain scenes (Mainly in Chapter 1 and 2) and hangouts.


Thanks so much for the info. Cant wait for breach 2!

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Not sure if I missed something at the beginning. But My MC said everyone in the crew made it through the convenient store robbery. But then during the interrogation this was said

He throws down another picture, one of a professional-looking woman in her early twenties with short, brown hair and a harsh but elegant face…Chains? “Specifically, the one we found burnt to crisp in the trunk of a burned-up car in the middle of a parking lot.”

Chains was definitely alive for me ( I was able to drive off calm and casually, no action. No bullets). Did she die afterwards? Or is this a mistake?


Also, we did see their faces. Everyone took their masks off In the car.

Right now, they know more than you do. You don’t even know their names, let alone their faces.


Those are in fact bugs, I’ve found and fixed the problem. Thank you! Found and fixed! :smile:


Okay!! Wow you did that fast lol!!

Also, what word do I put into the box when they yell BLUE?! :weary: Is it red? Do I say blue too? I must’ve missed something



Lol, yeah, Reville tells you the night before.