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Okhayy thankss for the info, i repeated 3 times just to kill the don but nothing can XD

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Is there any way to play gunner without killing any cops in the beginning?

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First, I am loving this game. Second, I think you need an edit. We’re in Chicago heading towards the docks. Chicago sits on Lake Michigan–a fresh water lake. You refer to sea water and the sea. There are seagulls, though! I know the game is out, but mentioning for your WIP in case this comes up.


I’m playing for the first time and I don’t quite understand how Mr. Incognito and Captain Obvious, can anyone explain to me about it? Should I try to favor one over the other or is it not necessary?


Mr incognito is if your being very secretive personality while captain obvious is not.


I’ve just completed my review for Breach: The Archangel Job. Thanks!


I’ve had a Tumblr for awhile now, but finally I can say that the Breach trilogy finally has an official main post for Tumblr.


This is my new Exhibit A for the ability to save in-game (generically, this isn’t about Breach specifically).

I’ve played too long and a certain way to do it, but boy oh boy would I love to attack the mugger with my mini-chainsaw as she was running by just to see what happens!


Hi i’ve a question.

For romancing gabriel, he went to see me if i was alright. then i was a option i need you tell something but i was only 75.6 then i speak of raquel. it’s not possible to romance him again ?

Thanks you

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Unfortunately CoG and HG doesn’t publish the game with the save system currently available in Dashingdown, I don’t quite know why.

I’ve been experimenting with a personal save system for awhile, it works in Breach 2. And there is already somewhat of a save system in Breach 1 but it only activates if you die.

I’m planning to add the option for you to restart the chapter at the end of each chapter. Hopefully it works in the upcoming update for it.

Unfortunately, no, not in Breach 1. But you could try to initiate the romance again in Breach 2.


at the end of story there is no save. can we create a new character then add choices of book 1 ? thanks you

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Not yet, no.

You’ll be able to make a save once Breach 2 is set for release. There will be an update to the game and it’ll let you save.

As for when that’ll be… I’m hoping it’ll be this year…


ok but i saw your demo of book 2 and you can create a new perso and select choices and romance partner you are make in the book 1.

in your release you keep that ? thanks you

Also your story is great . I like that !

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Yes, I will be keeping that in the release for Book 2 in case people have not bought or played the 1st game.


oh it’s a good new ! i didn’t want replay the same playthrough for the moment haha

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Sorry if it’s been already asked but what does becoming independent means ? Being a vigilante or coming back to the gang ? English isn t my first language so i have sometimes trouble to connect the dots.

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The Independent route in Breach 2 means that you will be separate from both the FBI and The Archangels and will be going on your own towards whatever goal you choose.

However, it is only accessible from the FBI route.

In this route, there’s a few people who can follow you.

  • Cas
  • Rook
  • Bishop
  • Mouse
  • Dr. Kartan
  • Mio
  • Rhode Holliday

I just played through the game, and I got the feeling that there are so many more paths to discover. All the teams stories and also some scenes that might unlock if you make different choices. This makes the game feel very much alive.

There was just one scene that had the opposite effect. The fight in the warehouse. You describe in detial what Michael and Gabriel are doing while there is no word mentioning the MC. I pictured him standing around and watching the others doing their thing while being totally useless. I think one sentence describing that they were diving for cover and shooting at the enemies, would help with that. (I know there was one choice, but it was after a lot of action already happened).

One thing that might have been a bug was the following: I played as an undercover agent and when Michael confronted me, I chose the option where I told them that they would need me. It said I would be a criminal after that option. But the achievement in the end said, that I played through the game fully as agent and in the Epilogue the corigan said, that my mc was still with the fbi.
An other thing I would have really enjoyed would have been if someone of my team mentioned later on something about me being an ex fbi agent or it being mentioned somewhere again. But I get that this whole game is ultra complex and this is such a small detail.

Thank you for creating something that is such an awesome experience to play!


Is there any poly romances in the game? I couldn’t find any mention of romances much in the steam discussion board.


Unfortunately no, I will not be writing poly romances into any of the Breach games. I’m just not comfortable writing that sort of thing, sorry :sweat_smile: