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As @Elegy said, there will be Breach 2 (Currently already a WIP, nearly halfway through the story)

Breach 3, will be the end of the Breach series of games starring the Breach MC, however, it is not the end of the story, as I have plenty more stories regarding the world of Breach, The Archangels, VAMcorp, The Cartels, etc. I have a lot more stories to tell.

I do plan on making a spin-off regarding the Archangel situation with Kaidan’s crew in LA, but told through a different main character. Whether this spin off is it’s own game, a short story, or a novel, is still in the works.

I’ve posted the ages of all ROs here, most of them are subject to change.

Gabriel is 31… yes it is quite the gap for the MC :sweat_smile:


Hello Author! I have a question can i have a Romance Guide? Thanks!


Hello! There is actually a guide in this post for all the achievements including all the romances


May I ask who is canon romance for Aria Vanzetti?

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Breach’s whole trilogy could be finished without a romance, however… in Breach 2 and 3, Gabriel would be the canon romance as Aria Vanzetti.


Can someone tell me what chapter does Gabriel ask me to double cross the FBI?


As of currently, none. It’ll be in Breach 2 but it’s currently in WIP. It’s not in the demo yet.


We will be able to meet the old crew (Shotty, Chains, Leadfoot, Smiley) again? Did they joined with the Archangels, if they survived the first heist?


There is a plan for the MC to meet them again in Breach 2, though it’ll be a somewhat short meeting. And it’ll only happen if they survive the opening heist


Just wanna say, kudos to the author because that’s some high level of writing right there. Tried playing a silent-ish detective romancing Mouse, really planning to make him to defect to the Archangels, but ended up accidentally neglecting my relationships with my crew. Add that to a low dice roll and Mouse got shot trying to protect me. Never been this depressed over a fictional character before


Apparently you can’t romance Kaz as a male MC and now I’m sad. He’s perfect for me.


Aye, the FBI route is currently the hardest route for me to write since it is meant for a second playthrough and it will also set up the independent route. The FBI route is not for the faint of heart, and it will be… painful, to write, and to read, in some places.


It was implied in the game that the Archangels organization had originated from Canada and had recently expanded operations in the US. I believe the main trio had connections all over the world, and they were involve in some activities overseas. To the FBI’s perspective, they are not just a criminal organization, they are borderline terrorists, considering that they turned Chicago into a freaking warzone.

So this is my question…does the CIA know about the Archangels? And after what happened in Chicago in the first book, will they get involved? And if so, will they collaborate with the FBI in order to try to take down the Archangels?


The CIA knows about everything.


The CIA absolutely knows about the Archangels, problem is that they are occupied with a much bigger problem threatening their national interest, the drug cartels.

The people currently working with the FBI are the DEA and the ATF, all working together against not just the Archangels, but the Outfit, and the Cartels inside the states as well. The CIA are working on external threats much bigger and the root cause of the problem, the Unity Cartel. However, they are not alone in this, as VAMcorp also have interest in taking down the Cartels.


Taking down the Outfit and the Unity Cartel are not the Archangels’ main goal, are they?


Of course they know about everything…a silly question for me to ask


The entire Archangel’s Main Goal? Practically, yes. It is part of their goal.

The trio may or may not have something else going on but, for now, it seems to be going in that direction.


can we kill the don right away in the warehouse where greg is being held

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No unfortunately, but can wound him, which does carry over to the next game. It just hasn’t been shown yet since you haven’t seen the don again yet