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And uhhh… don’t forget what the Payday Gang did to Bain during the secret ending. Fuckers reincarnated him as the president and saved the world from Gus from the Breaking Bad :joy::joy::joy: . That reminds me, will you and your partner pull something like that as the story goes on, or will you stick true to the Payday:The Heist feels?

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Nothing so crazy as how far Payday 2 went with their lore :joy:

But, you will get to eventually go international after you’re done with the Outfit, and maybe even uncover the secrets behind pretty much everything you’ve been working towards.


Sorry beforehand if this was already asked.

I was wondering, in the Archangel Job, I only focused on
improving my skills, instead of interacting with the members of my crew, Rook, Gabriel and Raquel. Do I still have the chance of starting a romance with them in Chicago Warzone?

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Yes, yes you can. You will get the chance to once again hangout with your crew members. If you’re romanced someone in Breach 1, you can break up with them and start a new relationship in Breach 2, or you can start a completely new one.


This game is simply just wonderful. You have no idea how many times I’ve been replaying it just to see all the different romances and scenes and achievements. I can’t wait for the second book. :slight_smile:


Back to this game, remember loving it but couldn’t finish because of a glitch back then.

First time doing undercover, and I am finding it hard reconciling the idea of a cop roping their high-school civilian best friend into their dangerous undercover operation.

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Yeah this route is weird. Like the narrative telling me I am screwed during the “interrogation”

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There is a huge bias to the Archangel route in the first game. About half of the games from Chapter 1-2 (Including both heists) had their outline finished before I introduced the FBI path into the game.

That was back when I thought this game was going to be a one off silly game with a small word count and no chance of success :sweat_smile: The short story I made that it was based on was just 10k words long.

I probably should’ve gone back and patch the smaller details in the earlier chapters to make the FBI route a lot more believable, smoothing out the narrative a bit more. Breach 1 has a lot of flaws that I hope I’ve learned to improve in the sequel.


Ok thanks for the clarification. Still love the game.

Are the vigilante and hardened criminal different? I think I went criminal my original playthrough.

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Not in Breach 1, they will have some minor differences in the ending and interaction with the other gangs of Chicago in Breach 2


Question, the oni hannya mask is not just a hockey mask with a oni design right?

Also what color is it?

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Is there something special about the MC?

Playing through I am wondering why they went to such trouble recruiting them.

Like the MC isn’t a character I would see attracting these superhuman perfect criminal trio

Like even as a hardened criminal you are not REALLY a hardened criminal, you are kinda a nobody


Tell that to my maxed out MC with cheats that would make John Wick do a double take. On a serious note, I think the reasons are a big part of the story which will be addressed later in the series.


I cheated my original playthrough, and that just make MC barely able to live up to the responsibility thrust on them. Plot wise they are way out of their depth, relegated to nothing but observers in certain scenes that stats wouldn’t change. Last mission I just read through there was such a long stretch where MC does nothing, that when options did come I chose to do nothing out of spite. I just let the super soldiers do their thing lol.

Like why the MC had to be there,? There has to be something they are planning for MC, or maybe just Gabriel is. Because I don’t see the perspective where the legendary Archangels see this small time inexperienced crook who either never killed before or had just taken their first life, as such a net positive to their high stakes crime organization that they would deem them a VIP on recruitment and put them in charge of their other assets.


The tactical wise, the trio don’t necessarily need the MC, or Kaidan, or the rest of the Archangel Crews. Being a more efficient, high-speed, low-drag, 3-man team would’ve helped them take out key members of the The Five Families in New York and The Outfit in Chicago silently, but the point of having The Archangel Crew is to create a lot of noise, and they won’t survive with just 3 people making that much noise.

That being said… Kaidan and The MC is there for a totally different reason than the other Archangels and each other… That’s all I can say withou spoilers. You’ll see more of it later in Breach 2.


Since I’m getting ready to read the beta for the sequel, I went to replay this and… no matter how hard I try, I can’t resist romancing Gabriel :sob::sob:


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Uma coisa que eu queria saber muito e se vai ter o final de breach the archangel job? Pq simplesmente esse jogo e incrível!!!

One thing I wanted to know a lot and if there will be the end of breach the archangel job? Simply because this game is amazing!!!

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I think he said there will be 2 sequels to the current one and then a spin off in LA, maybe. Hope the answers your question.

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Started playing the game a while ago and just wondering if how old is Gabriel or what will be the possible age gap if I try to romance him?

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IIRC Gabriel is 29 years old

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