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Is it a bug that Raquel shoots the Mc even if they are in a relationship when the mc shoots Gabriel during the reveal about Mc working for FBI or is that how it is supposed to be?

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She’s very loyal to them. So it’s safe to assume it’s intended.

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That is not a bug. It’s mostly reflex from Raquel, and she does regret it.


I was wandering if you could put the same cheat codes (like always roll naturals 20) from the demo of the second game in the first tome ? If you can’t anyway I love the story.

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Also I would have loved to see the money cheat from the second book brought to the first one if possible.

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No, you cannot. Both games have their own seperate cheat codes, but they do share the same effects. Breach 2 has some new cheats that Breach 1 doesn’t have.

I’ve shared the cheat codes for Breach 1 somewhere in this thread, or if you’ve already completed the game once, you can access the cheat codes available to you in New Game +, though it will work in a normal gameplay.


Sorry English is not my first language I meant if you could add them in the first game because I wanted to see the full story with critical success to see what change there is between a critical and a normal success.

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Unfortunately no, the dice fix feature is only available in the new MISC engine for Breach 2. However, you can use the cheat thereisnospoon to re-roll any dice roll by going into the “Show Stats” menu and coming back out.

Though, there’s only a few special crit success and crit fail variations out there, most rolls will only have the normal two variations. Fail and success. :sweat_smile:

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In order to save Megan House, how many persuade percentage do i need?