The Hacker (WIP with very short demo)

As the title of this thread suggests, I’m working on a game about being a freelance Hacker. I will include gender options (Including Trans or Non-binary) in the full game as well as romance options. I’m 14 years old and unfamiliar with ChoiceScript though I do know a few other programming languages (C#, Python and a bit of JavaScript). Please give any suggestions in the comments and I look to update the link at least once a week.



Try the approach in this post to post a playtest. This way people don’t have to download it and can play directly from their browser.

Thanks, I just noticed that it didn’t send me directly to the game when I tried to open it from an Incognito window.

Ok, well the compiler is taking a lot longer than I think it should and I can’t stand the idea that people who are potentially interested in this type of game are coming and going due to lack of a proper link. I’ll try again tomorrow :frowning:

When are you getting the link fixed?

well 14 year old > hell im in 2 class of high school of programing and i didnt got that far you hacker :smile: Well dont keep me waiting.


So… were you able to fix the link or should this game be considered “dead”?

And the record for game that died quickest is OP.

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