Born of Dust: Espien (Small Update 02/11/2017 - Check post 290 )

Well, basically it’s a series of games where America got bombed to bits by nuclear bombs and those that wanted to survive fled into underground vaults. In Fallout 3 specifically, you play a guy/girl that has grown up in such a vault without ever seeing the outside. Of course they end up fleeing their home to go on a quest and all.
And the world as it is now is permeated with radiation, which also caused the animals (and sometimes people) to mutate into something different and often vicious. That’s why your story reminds us of it.

(I’d recommend playing it. Great games.)


@Waywalkerlover thank you. Im working on expanding the storyline atm (age 5) and adding in all the events for age 10. It’s a slow progress but its getting there :smile:

@blackrising Thanks for that outline. I did google it yesterday and check out wiki but your explanation was much better. I see what you mean. Its okay though, my ideas didn’t come from the game. Radiation does mutate genetics so im not surprised its been used before. I might check it out one day when I’ve finished writing this one. :grin:

well the first time i tried to play through it i was a little tired and ended up getting through a bit of it then woke up a couple hours later the second time i tried i had more energy and noticed it was indeed similar to fallout like others mentioned not a bad thing as a lot of games tend to be it is a wide encompassing game that covered most of its genre so getting into said genre and not sounding at least a little like it is hard not to, that being said it was further than a lot of most would be, the psi gave it a fair amount of breathing room to be unique. it was a little extra descriptive witch i would say a agree with sashira on her first point i did however know about psychometry just haven’t heard it used in a wile. (pen and paper gamer and fan of occult and mythology) was sad that couldn’t use the gifts even in a small bit or hints at it popping up but suppose its understandable since most genres with gifts/supers your born having access in your first couple of years, at puberty, manifesting randomly though usually unstable possibly lethal to user at first, or classic experiment/toxic spill on you or parents (example Bruce Banner, and Peter Parker) all in all it was a fairly interesting game considering its still in the working with only a few minor catches

ignore my horrible grammer and possible bad spelling one of my greatest weak points

You would have a week to get prepared for your new role. That also ment a week to say goodbye.

I think it should be "That also meant a week to say goodbye."

I liked the story so far. I am interested in seeing where you go with the story :smile:

I have to say that the story has been engaging so far. However, I don’t understand why choosing The Mixed Group (to place one’s pillow by during the Recreation Day) is the only option to get oneself into the Mentoring Program? How does this decision affect one’s ESP in the first place? It would be great if one can both befriend Avian (by choosing The North Wing Group) and get into the Mentoring Program.

In addition, would the scope of our power increase as our ESP grows? For example in the case of telepathy, would we be able to progress from simple mind reading to advanced abilities like binding and illusion manipulation?

Another thing to add, I think it might be interesting if we have the option to turn Pinellas into a frenemy.

Just curious, will there any chance of reunion for those who choose to be separated from their parents at birth?

Overall, I am really looking forward to how your story progresses. It’s impressive!

Hey, thanks for the comment. To answer your first few questions, there are 2 choices atm for getting into the mentoring program quickly. Although i think if you make a certain choice in the beginning you might be able to still get in. Choosing the mixed group and refusing to stand up to Pinellas at this time. I decided on these two choices to raise ESP as 1. I didnt know enough coding to get a whole bunch of variables working. 2. As your still quite young I wanted to reward avoiding danger. It’s still interesting to dable. Also, I do understand your conflict of wanting to befriend Avian, thats why it’s there. You have to choose to either better yourself or make friends. Stick up for yourself at a cost of not getting into the mentoring program. I didn’t want to make it too easy to get in without weighing those options. The harder to reach places in the story will have achievements. Also, I plan to make Avian (and a few others) available to either make friends or enemies with later. Somewhere in age 10 or 12 depending on your previous choices.

You’ll need to wait for me to update the link as I’ve outlined this in the updated “Gifted?” Choices.

Awesome idea on Pinellas. I was wondering if I should make her pop up more often or have her sent away with a twist. I’ll toy with the idea and see how it fits in with the rest of the parts I have planned.

Yes, I plan to have a family reunion for those who are separated from their family but under which circumstances im not sure which of my ideas I like best yet. I’ve got 2 fave scenarios so far. I might use them both, or just pick one.

Thank you. It’s people like you who motivate me to write/code as much as I can when I’m free :smile:

@Drakeye Hi thanks for the feedback. There’s not much choice yet in the beginning as I wanted to try get the back bone code working. I’m new at it and not so great at figuring it out straight away. I need to run through one small section many times to make sure it works the way I want it to. I’m currently working on expanding on whats there. Also, I haven’t yet uploaded the changes I’ve made. For instance: moved prologue into stat menu under further info. I will update a new link soon :grin:

@markamadeo I must have missed that, thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix it up :smiley:

Seems very interesting. Since it’s new I can look pass somethings, but I think you should add in more ESP power types than just three.

Thanks I’m working out the coding atm. I’ve got 3 atm and an extra 2 as an unlock replay option :smile:

Don’t burn out on coding now. Rather have three than none, so to speak. :relaxed:


Thanks for understanding. Coding is some seriously hard lingo :grin:

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Your ESP powers are really similar to this project I been working on ^^:

By the way what are the password needed to unlock the other powers, will you give it to us or is there a special requirement to acquire it?

I feel bad for my electrokinesis MC he is so alone
Btw (not ment is supposed to be not meant)
When i was electro and playing in the pool.
Plus 5 points for electricity powers since i love infamous 1

I like that you provide more details as to what training our powers would entail to. I don’t like going in the dark on abilities. Also for that section you typed “wlby” when you talk about mental communication, not sure what it’s supposed to be.

So…I found an error when you go to dinner and you find Sandra and Benski. The error is that you don’t explainthe surprise Sandra told you about

There is an error when i reject the knife a few s scenes later im talking to sera.

Are they really? When I was brain storming and I went and googled extra sensory powers and tried to pick things that were familiar and not just telekinesis. I’ll check out your WIP.

Im pretty sure I’ve written the password at the end. Is it not there for you?

Hi, I know. Electrokinesis’ MC has it even tougher. ;’( Could you tell me which page thats on please?

Thanks I’ll check it out and edit that.