Blood Moon Prophecy (WIP)


@Black_Knight Thanks, forgot that mods can be added in an @ now

@Sashira Thank you so much

@Eiwynn didn’t know about that new feature. I should have read more of the open topics. I already had my apprehensions about turning a post into a wiki

But in the long run I think its fine for now and I’d rather not clatter the forum with the same WIP topic. I also noticed that if someone did edit a post their username will pop up on the edited wiki post which mean I could just flag them for being a naughty user. The wiki will also enable my co-writers to edit updates if I’m not available to do them. I guess for now its fine and I’ll keep in mind the next time I create a topic I will no longer need to make the first post a wiki. Thanks for the heads up.


both links don’t work for me the second one takes to HugeDomain that tell me that is for sale.


Ive the same problem


@MasterChief117John and @syd969
Oh, ahahaha. I just asked for my first post to be made a wiki. I haven’t yet posted the updated link. Those links were before Dropbox went private and the other link was from the contest from CScomp.

I’ll post an update about two weeks from now, but I wanted the ability to update my original post sorry.

I’ll post a working so you can play the game with the link I’m going to provide, but it’s the one that is incomplete at the moment. Its on my the top post thanks


Please do not post in WiPs that have not been active recently. If the author would like this reopened, PM me or one of the moderators and we’ll be happy to.