Blood Moon Prophecy (WIP)


Hello, the game had a little revision. Thanks relaxed


Well this seems interesting, i'm still a little confused but that was a nice start.
Also i have to say i liked the idea of putting some general info about you. Always nice to get to know a little bit about fellow writers.

Oh, by the way i found a typo and i know you put an e-mail to send those but since i just found one i' put it here, hope you don't mind.

When you're with Tyler in the shooting range and the MC says

“Is it always quite here?”

I think you meant to write "quiet".

And that's all from now, hope to see more of this game soon.


@Red Thank you, I believe this game still needs a lot of work. Thank you for pointing that error.

I’m currently too busy with RL things and haven’t yet updated the game, sorry guys.


Made some small changes with this game and updated it as well. I’m working on this game, but it is a very slow. Thank you.


I hate the name Johnny. Any name suggestions for Heaven’s pet?


Well, is that the heart she holds when you first met her? I think i read somewhere that Liev means "heart of the lion" and Karnak means a chamber of the heart or i don't know, just plain Hugh or Howard they also mean something related to the heart so... Or you know, just call it something like Simon or Jack like the ripper, yeah. Ok i'm done now.



plus 100000000 characters


@Red Thanks for the suggestions.

@Bloodhawkereaper Lols that name sounds funny I don’t know why I think that name is funny?


I think it sound funny as well that's why I suggested it xD


Added a temporary cover art; I don’t really have much time this month to continue writing the game since I’m away from home.

@Bloodhawkereaper Hahaha I’m still looking for passible names at the moment. I think I’ll use that name for another NPC that will either be dead or alive? Depending on my writing mood perhaps? :smiling_imp:


Hello the update will be at the end of this month thanks everyone for your patience. :grin:


I played demo and it's great.

I hope you keep working on this game !!


And now, we start the countdown.


@rialta Thank you, I’ll try my best to keep the game alive. For the moment I’m concentrating all my attention on my other game Drágóneer.

@UmbraLamia The count down for what?


Ah, nothing, just necromancy and threads, but nevermind now, hehe


Good day everyone, I just want to announce that Drágóneer and Blood Moon Prophecy will be continued by @M-D-M I have personal reasons for giving the story to this person. Her word is the official as well as @Aera word. I am having some difficulties with RL. As much as I would love to continue the game, I won’t really have the time which really saddens me. However, I’m really confident that M-D-M will be able to continue this wonderful story/game world that I have created.

I would also like to add a thank you to those who tested the game privately you were all very helpful. A special thank you to @orkwut for really breaking the game and giving the critics that really made me think about what parts of the story works and not works. I do hope that you’ll continue to help improve the game.

I will still check in from time to time when I get the free time, but that could be very rare. I’m like the weird once in a while mushroom. Lols Thanks again everyone and I’ll see you guys around after I get my life back on track.


Hello, can any kind mod make my first post a wiki? I can’t edit it anymore. Thank you very much and sorry for the trouble.


someone need your help @moderators


It’s done. :slight_smile:


According to @RETowers everyone should be able to edit normal posts and titles now forever.

So, if you don’t want the Wiki then you might want to start a new WiP thread and transpose all the info over. I personally don’t see an issue with Wikis (because the community is so strong) but there is the off-chance someone unwanted will edit it.