So, from the five projects I started after Lords of Aswick came out, it appears one has risen to become the most interesting to my own personal fancy. there are a few of these out there already, and CoG has a full trilogy of this kind of thing already published as official games, but there’s never too many superhero games. Except I can’t use the word “superhero” because of legal reasons.

The inspiration for this story is DC’s Year One line of stories; origins for heroes and the entire hero community.
Other inspiration come from the Civil War storyarc over at Marvel and the Injustice story arc on DC. This will be nitty, this will be gritty, there will be blood and adult themes all over the place when things get rowdy.

But for now, I’m refining the character creation and the first obstacles the protagonist will be facing. As always, critique and feedback are more than welcome and will help me shape the story in the directions that the public wishes.
Currently there’s a plan that the protagonist may also end up becoming a villain by the end of the story.


Best WIPs - 2015
Lords of Aswick - Out Now!

You had me at superheroes. This sounds amazing, I’ll play the demo and let you know what I think.

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Very nicely written, I got to an error line around ‘year one’ I think it was.

The quality is good, the concept interesting and I think it’s one that would justify a purchase. :slight_smile:

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So its the oppsite of Fallen Hero

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I have not actually looked at what Fallen Heroes offers as a story, so I don’t actually know what you are referring to. I will need to check on that later on. But if there’s anything to be said about how superhero stories go, there’s always plenty of similarities and direct opposites to be drawn.


disaster line 605: Non-existent variable ‘reputation’

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^that was similar to what I got except it continued with ‘something something dropbox’.

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I like this game and it gives me a little potential to recreate my favorite hero.
MC:the regenerating degenerate.
Healing factor. Heightened sense. And teleportation
Red and black tights.
This is gonna be fun


Well, my favorite games I’ve played on this site is the Heroes Rise trilogy, so this sounds interesting.

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Ok hold on.
I can belive flying.
I can belive teleportation.
I can even belive in superhumans.
But democrats and republicans working together?
Sorry but thats a bit too far fetched.


I might have to tone down on the fantasy aspect, I know. It just absolutely breaks the immersion.


This is some amazing groundwork for an awesome superhero game. I also like the way the you implemented the powers so far.

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The choice of nationality and native language were a really fun touch. I hope you add some callbacks for those.


This is really fun so far :slight_smile: I hope you keep going and don’t give up like on the game like so many do here, good luck


Really like the story so fair…But when I click on to see what the Aquatic adaptation, it starts out by saying Aerial adaptation means the powered person has adapted to the condition prevalent underwater.

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I have been longing for another superhero game ever since I finished herofall! I love the power choices, I do wonder how are you going to handle combat though , will it be your power choice that effects it or your stats?


Judging from what I read, this is most likely going to be some kind of superhero civil war, an I right?

EDIT: Just played the demo,and I must say, this is pretty fun.


Love it! No such thing as to many super hero games. Cant wait to play more

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Every time I try to play it says there is an error

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I played through it and it’s absolutely amazing I can definitely see the influence of dcs year one and marvels civil war