Beast Within (WIP)

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Anyway, I’ll edit this post when I’ve checked and fixed the errors.

Another question about relations, what about a hawk with a Tiger or Wolf? Or any other animal pairing for that matter.

Also, you said that all animals are Primal. What do the carnivores eat? I doubt it’s acceptable to go next door and eat your neighbor, so what do the meat eaters do?

Generally, you wouldn’t find many Hawks that are mates with other non bird species, but from a players point of view I would find it completely reasonable to fall in love with a hawk or vice versa. The difficulty comes with the decision to children/cubs/chicks (whatever they may be called).

Of course, I doubt this could happen given it is a bird after all. Truth be told, I wasn’t going to include any Hawk hybrids into the game, just keep it between the other species, because of how awkward birds are. You could adopt I suppose, or just not have a family.

So, unfortunately, if you’re a wolf (or any other species beside birds) and fancy a fling with a hawk, I’ll be surprised myself if it happened.

As for the food question, they would eat wild primals that are deemed as lesser species: Rabbits, chicken, extra. The stuff we tend to eat. Along as it’s killed in the wild, it would be acceptable

Just gave it a couple of tries, felt I wanted to ask if you somehow can put more emphasis on the Book Keeper, to help underline the oddity. Perhaps a line or so to vaguely describe it more? Just my gut feeling, I was left wondering a bit what was just so odd about it as I didn’t get that vibe. :-/

Loved the rest so far, although I could not reflect upon being shot or the man who shot me (or the wolf I talked to). Keep it up! :-bd

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A wolf in human form wold be a werewolf right?

A croc in human form? What would that look like?

@darkstar2101 - A human wearing crocodile boots? X_X

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So we can leave the city walls? I thought the place was a bit more militant then that, considering how they shot me down. So the “Lesser” primals, do they have transformation abilities? Or are they just normal rabbits that fit under the label, “Primal”. We do have things like salt and refrigeration right? Does that mean we leave the walls every now and then to stock up like going to a market?

I like the game, I think it will turn out great. I just want to clear something up. So primals, are they just animals who can talk to humans have free will.

I’m liking it. I’m going croc, probably hybrid when it shows up…and I’m going to find a rabbit to eat. This will be my main goal in the game. You may scoff, but I have ambitions! They’re kinda small…but still they’re there!

To answer all the questions:

1- A wolf in human form would, if the hybrid has more primal DNA, be a werewolf yes. If it is more human than primal, it would be a humanoid with animalistic behaviours and features.

2- A crocodile? Well, why don’t you wait and see?

3- Leaving the city walls would be easier than getting in, for reasons like hunting and trade. It would be a lot more difficult to pass into the city, just as it is the Torn.

4- Yes, lesser species do just come under the name Primal and do not have transformational abilities.

5- Primals also have the ability to transform into legendary beasts in times of peril, as you’ll find out soon. I won’t go into any more details of this without spoiling any plot related details…

6- You’ll love it when it comes to hunting or surviving in the wild! Eating all the bunny rabbits you see hear and smell!

7- Thank you all for the feedback! I’m glad you’re enjoying the game so far!

Now, as for the next update, I’ve only just got some free time on my hands. I have added 8 new primal species for you to choose from, give a guess what they are! Also, I am going through the first chapter and adding new choices, dialogue and all that stuff. Hopefully, I’ll get the next chapter in the update and the hybrid option too! However, I cannot promise a time when it will be finished.

Honestly, the demo is pretty good from start to finish, i like the variety of the choices. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Wow just played your game and thoroughly enjoyed it

Nice original idea

1 thing maybe slow down the writing so you can get more description and more detail

Put it was a great demo to play keep it up

I will certainly be watching this

Some might find a world in which eating something that not only has a face but the ability to say “Please don’t eat me” rather disturbing, or did you mean that while all animals are called primals without the ability that extends to sapience as well?

If it doesn’t disturb your vision you might follow the path in Dinotopia, a series in which dinosaurs, carnivore and not, are sapient and built a civilization with humans, and the civilized predators took up piscatarianism, since the fish were just fish.

Of course that doesn’t work if you intend to include fish among the primals.

What about arthropods? Is this a world in which spiders spy on people and flies on walls are bugs in both senses of the term?

Very interesting so far, hope see more of this soon.

It’s a pretty interesting game! Though, wanted to say that I got an error when taking paths, if I try to go back and as dad where to go and then take the middle path it gave it. I think it said line 188?

@Stsword and worms become giant worms that eat everything?

Personally I think insects and things like that should be lesser Primals. But it’s your game so do what you want

@stsword The lessers wouldn’t be civilised, given that they are hunted and used as food for Primals and Humans. This means that they would most likely not be able to speak, or at least not the universal language. And yes, fish are deemed as Lesser Primals.

@Babisko Should be fixed now. Thanks for telling me!

@Demonz I am considering putting a race of giant spiders in as an option to choose from. The spiders will have their own back story as to why they were banished from human and primal civilisations, and will be the only insect/arthropod race available to choose from.

I wanted to ask what type abilities will the humans have? Obviously without any spoilers of course :wink: