Beast Within (WIP)



It took me a good five minutes to come up with a reasonable answer to that question…

The answer? It would probably work with a crocodile, but with a bird species I honestly don’t know how. Hybrids are rare anyway, especially with those types, which is why some believe they don’t exist. There’s bound to be so dynamic duo that’s figured it out.

As for making the choice to fall in love with the opposite race, it will be possible in the game. Whether you have a family or not is your call; do you really want to hide your children from the world; Or is it better just not to have them?

I am glad you’ve pointed it out though, otherwise I’d have been confused when it comes to writing in those parts.

Progress wise, i’m nearly at a stage where the first part of the demo can be posted. The story begins whilst you are a young teenager, but don’t get thrown off by the plot at the start! It is certainly one you don’t have to follow. See it as simply a guide if you don’t have a clue what you want to do after you leave the camp.

Maybe the Primal RO has human DNA that gives it a human like form from a scientist who was trying to make the ultimate race

Sounds really good, cant wait for the demo

Here’s a short preview of the first part game, up to a certain point. I’ve chosen to stop there simply to see what you think of the approach I am starting Beast Within with before I continue the initial part of the chapter.

I will say it now; You will have the options to leave the camp in the next update. It is influenced by the Reflection feature I added though, so don’t forget to choose your opinions!

I am in no way experienced with programming, so this is all new to me. I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions, ect. It really does help! Thanks.

Oh, and one more thing, Hybrid options haven’t been added yet. Maybe in the next update I will add it within the Introduction scene for those who want to restart as a Hybrid. Similar with other Primal Species too, although I doubt I’ll have any new ones done soon…

There is an error when you select your reaction to the names of your roommates.

Fixed. It was due to an error with a selectable if command. Thanks for the heads up! It should work now.

I like your demo, im still trying to find my way with reflecting (thats what its called right?) but yeah i like it

Yeah, it’s one of those things that is bugging me too. I’m not sure whether to keep it or not, as it could be implemented differently. It’s the reason I cut the chapter short to be honest, just for feedback before I carry on. But i’m glad you’re enjoying it so far!

The Spoon of Doom made me laugh. :slight_smile:

I really like it so far. I loved the part about the Spoon of Doom too

The Spoon of Doom? I missed something

@BlazedStorm Your game seems nice so far! But while reflecting on the father, I got an error. ‘line 228: Non-existent variable ‘father’’. So I’m stuck in with ‘opinion collected’…

But I still enjoyed the first part of the introduction! :slight_smile:

I got an error when I chose the middle path to go to the camp.

Restarting, I got an error when it came to deciding what I thought about Jonathon.

So did I

“Of course! My name is Tara.” Tala the tiger says, joining you on your small little journey to Torn Camp. Tala should be Tara.

@P0RT3R at the beginning you need to click on “Show me what Primals are ‘coming soon’!”

i just realized what our endgame power will be! And how the child ended the war, The Spoon Of DOOM. All bow down to its mightiness or be slain by its powers of DOOM

Ah, I think I’ve gone and forgotten to update my public folder in drop box with the error checked version of the game. My bad! I’ll try to fix the errors on my phone until I get home to my PC! Sorry about that.

And beware of the spoon! If it stares at you, you might be next!