Beast Within (WIP)

For my new years resolution I wanted to make my first choicescript game; Beast Within!

Beast Within isn’t the final name for this work in progress, but it’s a name i’m going with for now. The story spans over a long time period, a few thousand years at the least. I don’t have time to explain the plot fully now, but I’ll summarise the main concept.

Before humans existed, Primals ruled the world. These Primals were simply animals. However, they had distinctive powers that made then great. They truly believed that nothing could best them, until the first man was born. The Primals mocked the human race; it had no natural abilities and could never challenge a Primal’s reign.

But what humans had could never be obtained by Primals. They had Humanity. With it, they brought industrialisation and civilisation. Using magic and metal, the humans battled against the primals and the Great War had begun. The war lasted years and was fierce.
It wasn’t until one day, whilst a huge battle commenced, a young child had the courage to see what is right.

He ended the war, although it is unclear how, bringing the world to it’s senses. Hundreds of years later, Primals and Humans have learnt to live together. Some Primals hate Humans, some Humans hate Primals. Either way, the worlds will never be the same again…

So there’s little background information. The way the game works is you can choose to be Human or Primal. So far, I have made 4 primals to choose from: Wolf, Tiger, Crocodile and Hawk. I plan to be updating with more whenever I get the chance. Once you’ve customised, the games plot will vary widely depending on every little decision you make. It may not look obvious at first, but taking that path in chapter one could be game changing in chapter 5, hint hint.

As for possibilities, you could become a palace guard, maybe join a clan, become part of an evil primal tribe who want to abolish the human race, go out into the lands to discover how the great war truly ended, or even start another war yourself. I want the plot to be in the hands of the player here whilst still maintaining control.

If you have any suggestions or just want to say your opinion based on what you’ve read so far, feel free. A demo will be ready soon.

Edit Feb 10: Here’s the link to the game:


sounds like fun

Awesome intro, can’t wait to see more.

Oh cool I cant wait to play it

Sounds cool.


It sounds amazing. :smiley:

Can’t wait.

Sounds cool

Is there going to be romances? like if your human can you have a romance with a Primal and the other way around?

Just how animal is a Primal? Judging from the title they have certain animal characteristics( eyes, teeth, skin, tails) in a human-like form and can become large humanoid animals.

@Outcast Yes certainly! There will be romance options for Cross species too.

@Demonz That’s a brilliant question indeed. In this world, all animals are ‘Primal’. Although they look like the animals we know, here they have powers that make them different.

These powers include special abilities and i’m working on transformational abilities too- this will allow you to switch freely between two forms. I haven’t decided yet whether the new form is species dependable or freely chooseable yet though.

I hope that answers your question. As for the humanoid primals, a hybrid option does sound like an idea. If anyone would like that as an option I may consider it!

To everyone else, thanks for the feedback! I can’t wait myself xD

The non-animal form should probably be based on your animal form. A crocodile in human form wouldn’t have feathers or a mane. Though if you mean body type then that could be a choice.

When I picture a Primal in human form I see this, a reptile person having scaly skin, a lion having bushy hair, and a wolf having elongated dog legs and all of the above having the eyes of their Primal form

is it possible to be a human primal hybrid.

Sounds great

sounds like it will be fun very interested in trying it out can’t wait for the demo


@Demonz - A Primal’s separate form wouldn’t be a human form. It would be much more like a ‘last resort’ transformation - an instinctive ability. Once acquired, the player well be able to activate it in times of peril to become a greater Primal beast: A bull may call upon the strength of it’s ancestors and become a minotaur; A hawk use the energy of ancient Primals and become a Phoenix, ect. That kind of stuff.

Of course, each has it’s benefits and consequences. As for Humans, they can learn magic that can be applied any time once learnt. Each race will be equally cool though.

I am working on a Hybrid race. This will have a massive effect on the game however, as hybrid tend to be shunned from human and Primal communities. I’m not sure whether I’ll manage to include the option within the demo.

As for the demo, I’ll get the first chapter done soon, maybe tomorrow or Sunday and upload it immediately. From then on it should hopefully be a chapter every one or two Weeks if i’m not overly busy!

Thanks again for your interest!

Hold on, if there are human-Primal RO’s how would a human have physical interactions with say, a crocodile?