Average Joe (WIP) Huge Project Looking For A Co-Author

I know I have another game in progress but this one I’ve been working on for a while. The Average Joe is a game where you play an average Joe. Just trying to make a living. Yes there’s a female and male gender. You can become famous or not. Be the most evil person on the street. The choice is yours. Be more than 2 million words. Already Done with intro and chapter 1,2,3,4. Demo in maybe a week?


2 million words?! That seems highly improbable.

What’s the story about other than a person? Is there any continuing story or do we just spend out time as some person working a regular job and hanging out at home?

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Hey I plan to make as real as possible it might not be 2 million but maybe around the 1 million mark

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Well its kinda like alter ego but way more detailed.


You’re working on two games at once? I saw you posted another thread called “B-Baller”.

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@Doctor Dude…did you even read the first post in this thread?

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Woops, this is what happens when I late-night COG scroll. Sorry about that.

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No prob. (+acraptonofcharacters)

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Sounds interesting so I look forward to demo.

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It’s also the biggest interactive novel ever made, as far as we know. A
single playthrough from beginning to epilogue can run over 80,000 words.
The source code for the game is over 1.3 million words long. @AllenGies has the record XD

So yes it is possible…

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hmmm sounds good if it’ll be like what I’m imagining right now lol, the be as evil as you want bit sounds very appealing…neighbourhood psychopathic serial killer much? lol


I like that idea we haven’t hade a game whar you play as a seral killer

well not specifically but you can be one in games such as zombie exodus/safe haven, tinstar etc and what I love about that route is just how trolly and over the top the options are lol if you chose the evil options at the end of tinstart during the train scene you know exactly what I mean lol that scene is literally the definition of trolly/over the top choices.

I will have criminal paths. I don’t about serial killer but who knows!


I don’t know about whether this is a thing or in your game or not but

Can we make our character into a transsexual character?
Like if you play as a male character but he will act like a woman, go out in feminine clothing, confused about who he is etc, and the same for female characters

Cause I’ve never seen this in any game on this forum

really? what about my imaginary friend yp? haven’t tried it in a while, but last time I did you could be transgender.

I know that “Monsters of New Haven High” had a ton of gender options.

If anyone wants to write this game, PM Xavier. Otherwise, not much point in further discussion of hypothetical gender options…