August's Writer Support Thread

Hmm, have you considered a middle ground? The choice of killing the siblings seems very interesting, and I think it should have its own worth. I’d recommend considering these questions:

Does it make some choices easier in the future, for example about succession, o gaining things, simply because there’s no competition? On the other hand, does it make anything harder? Would killing any of these characters bring in, for example, their mother as an antagonist instead? That seems like a good way to get yourself invested in the lack of the siblings, and not to feel so invested in their presence that it risks railroading the story just to keep them.

Besides, having a choice affect the game this heavily enhances replayability, provided that taking away the characters doesn’t simply… take away a part of the plot. As in, is the game and story lesser for their lack?

Also I don’t think it’s bad to be into the siblings, I’d say just make sure the overall narrative doesn’t suffer from it.

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Coming to the end of August! Who’s met their goals?




You know what they say. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the fungus.


I end my Contest game and End Third so Yay… I ace this month.

It is really sad that here in the forum doesn’t have Game jams. Were we friendly practice games in few hours or theme demos for forum players.

I will love for instance, That each of us does a small Halloween story and let players here Enjoy them on Halloween etc…

It is for me one mistake this forum community has, every wip is so isolated there is not much feedback between writers. Only this thread.

I miss something that is not destined for publication but still being creative and practices for everyone.

I mean I will certainly do a writing jam in Halloween, but It is sad I have to go other pages to do it.


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I had no goals other than “write more.” I wrote something like 12,000, I think? That sounds a little low. Maybe more like 18,000. Maybe could’ve written more had I not had some things going on.


I am so proud I actually started writing choicescript. So far,14,5K characters and 1931 words. I hope I will improve :slightly_smiling_face:


Come on @poison_mara I am sure you’ll write wonders :slight_smile:

Of course, you will, you will be The Pollo Diablo of Cog.

And about writing, I try hard to improve… And people have noticed some improvements. Sadly, my English sucks.


Looking at some pages of code in CSIDE and all the commands and stats, arithmetic and the general notion of having multiple branching paths. It’s terrifying me, is that normal? I really hope so.


It is I still remember my headaches trying to learn. Believe me when you really start all will be easier after all you don’t really need most of the commands. Choice of the dragon was made before most commands existence and still being one of the best games. So don’t stress yourself and go step by step.


it’s not really that hard to learn, believe me i also felt the same way about it when I started. if you’re having any issues coding, know that we got your back

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can’t say if i set any goals consciously or subconsciously but a goal i’d hope to accomplish is to finish planning my first chapter so I can begin writing on the 1st. it looks like I might achieve that goal if i’m fast enough

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This week I wrote 8641 words! For a total of 25k for the month of august. My initial goal has been surpassed.

I’m so excited! Even though the month is almost over (and I might take tomorrow off to keep watching Avatar) and my word count is the same as last month, I feel like I was more productive, somehow?

According to my tracker I actually worked fewer days, but because I took more days off and allowed myself to write a little less if I wanted to do something different, I actually found it easier to write better and faster. I don’t know if it makes much sense.

In any case. This chapter is very close to completion. I’m so very happy, even though I still have so many more to write, this is one more off the list. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is adding more characters to account for in dialogue and variable scenes :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if anyone else finds it difficult, but when more than two characters are involved in a conversation it is so difficult for me to keep track of what’s happening.


You’ll get it…and if you don’t,we are here to help…it’s not like I understand choicescript very much too…I still struggle with if statements and other things. :sweat: :sweat:

@rinzygreye same here…I’ve started writing the first chapter but keep re-editing.

@Lidell Yes sometimes I would have the third character doing something and dropping occasional comments :slightly_smiling_face:,that’s why I’m practicing how to write good dialogue.


I didn’t really have a strict goal for this month other than “write.” I think I did that! Hit 10k for Chapter 4 and I honestly don’t know when it’ll end…Kind of just want to see where it takes me.

I do have a goal to finish Chapter 4 before my university’s fall term starts in two weeks.


I had a really successful month, writing-wise. I managed a grand total of 42,609 words of forward progress, and juuuust squeaked out a chapter release at the end of the month. I also wrote at least something every single day this month (even my birthday), and in some ways that consistency feels like the bigger achievement, heh.

Congrats to everyone for their progress this month; even if it wasn’t as much as you hoped, it was movement forwards. I think I’m gradually coming to realize just how important that alone really is.


I obsessively plan out everything and then end up changing it all anyway while I write. I think both of those two steps are important!


I will spend today Planning my Game for the Halloween jam, I am not used to writing horror so probably will end being more a thriller than a horror game per se. It will be fun.