Assassin's Legacy

You are an Assassin, one of the few elite sects of The Order that have mastered the ways of the arcane art. Will you find glory or will you find death? Can you handle the powers of the shadow? The divine might of the heavens? Or will you be engulfed by your greed and pride.

Use your magic imbued dagger and skills in the arcane art to strike down all that challenge your power. Enter the shadows or the light and uncover the secrets of the royal family, end the war of the assassins, conquer the legendary tower of fangs. Become a legend as you rewrite history. Long…live…the assassins.

Take hold of your arcane knowledge and use it, weather for justice…or for retribution. A new age is awakening, your age, the age of Assassins.


Sounds great, I like the arcane part of it, I’m going to guess a demo is still being worked on?

sounds cool

Sounds like a pretty cool game.

A dagger you say…I tend to like crossbows,bows, guns(With a silencar(I have no idea how to spell this) if possible) or anything the means a quite ranged death

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Where you inspired by Assassin’s Creed to do this? I love the ideas and weapon choices! Looking forwards the demo. Cheers.

This idea sounds great so far, I can see the resemblance to Assassin’s Creed, but to have something like it in text format will definitely be interesting to see! I’m going to really look forward to this!

The reference to magic makes me think of Dishonored as well as Assassin’s Creed.

This sounds like Assassin’s Creed in an old Final fantasy game.

Demo is still being worked on sorry =p. As for inspiration sorry absolutely no connection or inspiration from assassin creed what so ever other then the word assassin…and that you become…an…assassin.

I would love to hear suggestions on what you want to see in the game. As for weapons
i’ll like to hear more suggestions on that also I think something can be arranged.


Have you played Dishonored? It combines assassins and magic really well. Good luck with this.

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I have weapon ideas for days(more like seconds)… I know most people are gonna copy and paste dishonored or assassin’s creed ideas maybe the mini wrist crossbow is acceptable but maybe instead of a bolt it shoots a poison needle that kills almost instantly and a bladed boomerang? what about a sling shot kinda weapon and a Kriss that materializes from the shadows? and expanding on a bow type of idea maybe a bow that materializes from light and it can shoot light that lights places up or perhaps vice versa?

Interesting…very…interesting…definitely gives some ideas to put in there.

Shadow Kusarigama, blade locking Sai, far extending Tekagi-Shûkō, seeker Tantō, folding Wakazashi, farbond Katana, portal Blade-whip, mist making Messer, phantom Trident Main-Gauche (it’s a must! I mean it freaking splits into 3 blades!), rebounding Kukri, dart shooting Dagger, exploding Bolas etc.


Shadow Kusarigama? I take it you’ve played Unnatural recently? Lol

Oh, more ideas! maybe a small blunt object to knock out bystanders without killing, and perhaps you can implement a poison creature like have a small black widow in a jar you carry around.

Maybe you can make the Shadow Kriss extend into a blade if your forced into a corner, and maybe some sort of grappling hook, it would be cool if it was sorta like Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion’s Spear Head, and perhaps some sort of gas bomb

Ideas for weapons, eh…?

How about… a sort of cross between a dagger and a sword with a whip on the end of the handle?

That way it could double as a weapon and a transport device. (If you think about it)

Or how about a slightly oversized tranquilizer dart that’s supposed to be used more as knocking bystanders unconscious (as @2Ton suggested in a sense) via melee?

Oooooh! How about smoke-screening pata?

I was watching this scary movie, I forgot the name all I remember is it had a generic name and I thought the plot was stupid but it was scary and pretty graphic and not in a cheesy way, but anyway the killer had like these… I wanna say butterfly knives that were SO sharp his victims didnt even know they were suffering mortal wounds.

Like I think there was a part where the killer just walks up and slashes at this girl looks like he misses completely but she just starts running and she doesnt even realize her entrails are falling out while she is running til she looks down, so I thought it would be effect if you could just walk past people and stab them in the back and they dont even know they’re dying.

And also Blow guns, and throwing knives are underrated, but useful.

Why need a weapon that needs all that blood and the constant cleaning? It’s better to use your environment, is the sun high and shining? Use mirrors to distract your mark and watch him blunder into your trap. Crowded place but you stick out like a sore thumb? Simple just knock out a civilian and wear their gear. And as for a killing blow - Just do it with your bear hands.