Spell Creations


I’ll jump straight to the point. In the assassins legacy redevelopment, spells or arts as they are known in the game are an important way of life. Spells need to be made, but more specifically starter spells for the assassins.

I plan on putting original ideas for spells to use, however it’s a big world there’s no need to limit things to so few.

Spread your imagination as far as you please, and dig deep. Combat spells are the focus. Simpler spells are preferred over spells that would make someone specifically the MC over powered.

An example would be…ice shards, the MC would hold out their hands an a torrent of icicles would shoot out. Compared to a more complex art like Inferno rain. The MC would open up the skies letting meteorites rain down from the skies.

Keep in mind the MC is an assassin…though there are times the MC will be attacked in groups and may need arts that spread over a certain area.

A name for the spell and what it does are my requests if you will oblige. Thank you for your time.


I could spend some time thinking to try and come up with an entire list of Void powers.


What about things like minor status debuffs the are a type of combat spell (albeit of the support variety)
How about some sort of ethereal hand that gives the MC the ability to kinda push or pull objects and with larger objects requiring a bit more energy so you can’t simply send someone flying across the room into the perfectly placed trap door but you can make them stumble and maybe fall backwards if you are really good with it.


Well well that’s not a bad approach I can picture that quite well. To be sure you’re meaning an ethereal hand and not something like almighty push or something right?

@P0RT3R I look forward to seeing them


Yes an ethereal hand basically
Pull a book out of a bookcase and onto the floor yes.
Snipe someone with a pebble from +20 miles away is a definite no.
Think of it kind of like a low level spirit they can nudge things and if they put a good deal of effort can make people trip or maybe fall over.
It is not like fus ro dah in skyrim where you can send someone flying across the room.


Ah I see I see. Can you give sine examples how this would be used in the midst of an assassination or mission? I’m supposing it wouldn’t be able to give the necessary force to suffocate someone let alone protect from a boulder being tossed.


Its useful for making things look like “accidents” for one good example any example where one good shove could kill a person
E.g standing on the edge of a balcony for one
Also for moving things
E.g arrested and you are now unarmed (because you had to get arrested because plot)
You could “maneuver” the keys over to you
(So yea you can send small objects flying with some force)
And because I watch to many movies your weapon grts knocked across the room you can send it flying back towards you.
Or if you are kinda skilled with it I guess you could try to stab them with it by sending the point flying at them.

Sorry if i rambled what I am trying to say is that this could be useful when you want to move/throw light objects
Push or pull people a bit for ractical advantages.
Also you can use it to influence sword swings and the flight of an arrow (just not an extreme amount.


Hmm yes, I’m getting a strong picture of it now I see ^)^

And please, ramble as much as you please I understand it quite well, the more detail the better.


Since I mostly think in utilitarian ability the other things I come up with aren’t strictly combat
E.g void space its like smokescreen but instead of envoloping an area with smokescreen the area affected is covered with pure darkness. The amount of energy used and the casting time is affected by the amount of light in that area and the size of the area so small one window room easy but the entire market place in the middle of the day is nigh impossible (maybe if every assassin put all their power and focus into it they might be able to do it) Also i that might impede our MC’s ability to kill in the void space maybe some sort of night vision spell or infrared sense?


Glass gun? You need sand and then you shoot glass… Not a good idea i guess…
Spy camera plant spell on any surface and you can watch and listen…
A spell to make home made brownies rain? No, that’s the worst…
A pocket dimension to keep my weapons and tools…
A super speed spell up to Mach 20… too much assassination classroom)
Effecting the brightness of the room, blinding people or sneaking through…


Wait wait wait wait.
These homemade brownies…
@Dark_Stalker Do they have nuts in them because if they do that would make it the best distraction spell ever.


The ministry of brownies do not add nuts for fear of allergic reactions and sueing.
I’d prefer to blow up the brownies ...


I was planning on adding a speed art for the sake of travels. This assassination classroom…perhaps o shall need to check it out.

@faewkless Yes I did have an idea for such a space of darkness, though I hadn’t put much thought into its limitations.

Brownies oh brownies…imagine a war over brownies with and without nuts. But that’s going off topic ~°~

There’s always different kinds of elemental arts. I’m having a feel for a lightning charge. Where the Mc can place a hand on a target and channe lm the lightning through their body, versus a bolt going a distance. Ah distance…


Have you watched Naruto? It’s about a ninja world, where ninja train their “specialised” ninjitsu. Some use hand signals to make their powers kick in. You could apply this idea for lower level spell casting. For instance, a simple spell for making one less noticeable could involve a word combined with a handle signal, helping the assassin to move about without drawing suspicion.

What about spelled items for quick movement between places? Gets MC in and out of places quickly.


I think a better example might be the witcher and their signs because in naruto hand sign can get ridiculously long while the witcher can use theirs in the middle of a fight ninja can have their hand signs interrupted.
Naurto hand signs = magic that sorcerers use (can have long cast time and can be disrupted by breaking their focus and is extremely powerful)
Witcher hand signs = extremely quick and cant really be disrupted unless you lop of their hands but not quite as powerful as narutos hand signs.


True? I don’t know what witcher is but thats pretty much sums up what I meant by hand signals. Not really long complicated ones just a simple hand gesture for casting.


Its in a game called the witcher and in that world witchers use signs that basically let them quick cast a few types of magic. (Fire magic ,manipulation magic, damage negation magic etc)

Also I wonder if this game will have some form of blood magic


Ah okay. Thanks faewkless.

Hmmm… suppose it depends on how dark the game gets. Dark magic would definitely call for the use of blood.


Why not a short distanced teleport? Something akin to the teleport in the game Dishonored which allows near instantaneous teleportation across a short distance. Low level assassins could probably only travel a few feet, but that would likely be enough to either deliver a fatal blow or escape one.


@akio619 Yes I’ve thought about that one and got two ideas for it, although to make sure the MC isn’t OP there will be a field around the MC to stop them from insta port right behind their target and such… Though that’s not too bad a limiter and advantage. Complexity in teleportation affects distance, mmm useful

@Silverstone Mmm yup definitely heard of Naruto. My take on the whole casting thing is some arts require speaking it in the arcane art and/or weaving hand motion (sometimes body motion included, depending on the art) When one becomes more advanced in the skill of spell-crafting they can cast some with simply the thought and others with much simpler castings.

In general yea, I think I’ll be adopting that style. With of course a more simpler version for the sake of the MC not dying every sec from extremely long casting needs.

@faewkless Yes I’ve been considering blood magic. I do want to add it, though I don’t really have many spells for that one.

The game generally should have some arts that manipulate the shadows and can call forth shadows in the world. Although generally dark magic can be considered everything with the things the MC can cast.