Assassin's Legacy

Do you need gadget ideas?

How bout a bladed fan or claw tipped gloves I’m thinking a chain sword along with a spiked whip, and just to entertain the magic side how about a scythe that draws power from blood or a whip of fire (sorry u kinda gotta love whips :X )

I gotta say these are some seriously epic ideas. Hmm love the ideas, so this is the picture I’m getting feel free to suggest additions or changes- =D>

Uniforms consisted of midnight black clothing which extends from the neck down to the feet. Long thin gloves go up the arm leaving only the shoulder exposed to show the assassins symbol, tattooed on. The suit stretches down and over the feet stopping only at their toes. Their thin and specially modified footwear eased on for silent and comfortable movement. A cloth covers the nose and the lower half of the face while a white custom designed mask covers the entire face. False hair attached to the mask. while another cloth went underneath attached to the mask making sure that no one could see through the slits on the mask. The entire uniform except for the mask is made from specially enhanced and modified nano fiber allowing for flexibility, nonabsorbent, and nearly indestructible gear that barely left a single patch of skin or hair exposed.

As you are one of the best assassins the order has you are quite high up in the ranks, thus your weaponry consist of top quality weaponry.

An array of throwing knives charged with magic allowing for nothing to be felt once hit. An Ajiel, a blunt weapon once pointed releases a dart that enters the body and knocks out innocent bystanders, leaving behind no evidence. But the ammunition is quite limited (note: be careful who you use it on.)

As for poison. That’s why you have your trusty pet - I would truly, simply love to have a name for your familiar and any other name for minor characters suggestions.

Your familiar who is a strange, not very obedient, but deadly creature that can turn invisible at times and holds deadly amounts of poison. A long, scaly creature with sharp teeth and small, but also very sharp claws. I’m sure that’s a very bad description for a poisonous familiar so feel free to suggest your own. If you think that your character, weapon, uniform, or familiar is OP please do say so.

For the familiar u could let us change it like it cud be a snake or a spider (preferable a snake so I won’t have to squash my own familiar) and wat about my fans or whips t the very least let there be some kind of whip

Masks are always awesome I spend my spare time creating character design… though everything I think of I feel I subconsciously stole from something else, but I have epic mask designs!!!

Edit: Whips sound like a kinky assassin thing, but whips can be cool.

Did I forget to add it…weird…there will be a whip ^-^ custom whip, element of choice.
And of course you @2Ton these are simply your physical arsenal haven’t even gotten to the abilities and magic. and 2Ton for mask design I would love >:-) to see what you have in mind. I could definitely use a designer. Yes I think the familiar will probably be a snake.

So the outfit looks something like this?

That’s practically it lol amazing really, but note other then the mask having no scratches, cracks, or any of the sort. That’s exactly right 8-> oh and the gloves I need to remodel so that it comes all the way up until it’s to the shoulders where the tattoo will be and don’t forget the outfit extends up the neck and over the mouth. But other then those minor detail, you truly are amazing hunter, ^:)^

Havin the outfit extend all the way up to the mouth is a bit redundant if you already have a mask methinks.

I did the crack in the mask because I used a really soft (just in case, pause on that) pencil and I couldn’t erase the other eye hole very well (I was thinking of drawing it with only one eyehole, like Tobi’s mask).

Also might I suggest a tengu mask?

And I assure you, I’m not all that amazing (insert “oh, stop it you” meme here)

heheh, oh it’s not for that. It’s the fabric part that covers the lower half of your face. Set’s scene for future event. Besides the fabric is special and keeps out the poison :wink:

My designs were deleted T.T but It was gonna look something like this

But the mask wasnt going to have nose holes and it was gonna take on a wide triangle type shape and smoothly transition and it was gonna have less color and going to show alot less eyes but it was gonna have like a long red tear drop coming from one of the eye slits and then have a red star on like the side of the forehead, but then have like Lion hair coming from the edges of the mask, thats the only mask I had with hair designed every other mask I had was more like Army of two-ish XD

Actually I like Head’s I like the Kushimaru hair thing going on.

I like the overall concept. Here are some ideas I’d like to see:

  1. Skills your assassin can train, each with different unique abilities as you progress.
  2. A chance to gain new weapons after successfully completing missions.
  3. Different ways to succeed in an assassination. I loved that aspect of the Hitman series, though the developer moved away from it in the recent game.

I like the familiar idea, maybe even make it change shapes based on its attitude. Having a mischievous familiar adds a fun character to the game.

I agree with JimD on the familiar idea if anyones ever read the republic commando series think of vau’s pet strill mird.

Heh. They tend to make things interesting don’t they :-)) But as for skills I was thinking on starting the scene with a variety of skills. Although with some decision some spells and their secrets will be forever lost, while others will be gained in a variety of ways. That includes weapon.

As for companions. There will be moral choices and your companions will have conflicting inputs. What you say and who you side with will lead to your choice in the near future.

Note: the scenario is set to be more of a middle age like scenario not modern day without the new inventions and so on.

Thanks for your input @JimD I’ll make sure to double check to make sure it has those things, as for me…back to editing… A preview should be out soon enough.

Good news at last :smiley: . Assassin’s legacy short demo/preview should be done and completed by tomorrow night or so.

One question, your profile picture… Is that what I think it is…?


Wow! I’ve thought I’ve seen and heard them all, but assassin mixed with magic? This is a must. Can’t wait to see. I gotta be the first to check it out. >:-)
I’ll make sure to be one of the first to buy the game.

That whip seems interesting…

Is it just me who feels like Assassin Creed and Dishonored are Thief inspired you guys know one of the first really badass stealth games that mixed magic in it? but whenever someone sees an assassin they go “Assassin’s Creed” when I feel the only difference is that theif’s dont really kill.