Aroderia - The story of White Raven (WIP)


Why the boys feel bad to play like a female in this games? But play tom raider final fantasy and residen evil like a girl?


If the role is gender neutral, I don’t mind.
If the role is masculine, I’d rather there not be a female option.
If the role is feminine, I’d rather there not be a male option.


Because people are weird


@Drazen Role? Feminine?? ironing and cooking for his husband? Sound X( horrible and sexist i hope i understand you bad


@MaraJade - I’m afraid I won’t be able to write a realistical feminine “psyché”, that’s the only reason why I’m not very into this.

There shouldn’t be any problem with role itself, I can imagine character being a female.


@ViliamFiedler women are easy the complicated are the men. Make the same story or dont include us whaaa nobody loves the femenine genre :smiley:


Sometimes I wonder how I can be misconstrued so frequently.


@Drazen the femenine role was so bad use in the story than use it sounds bad. What you really want to say?


If the role (i.e. the nature of the main character) is [masculine/feminine] (i.e. the nature pertains to the general inclinations of males or females in the social sphere respectively) then I would rather there not be a [female/male] option (i.e. omitting the alternate gender so as to allow for a stronger focus on the protagonist).


@Drazen Ok dont be angry with Mara , yes have sense


Its okay wired i understand it. The problem is if a girl do the same she couldnt play almost any game. And its awfull being a girl and have to play ALWAYS like a men


I like when games have the choice to pick gender. When a game only has a girl option or boy option I kinda of get upset. I will still play the game but I just feel like its unfair to the otherr gender choice. Like with some boys they prefer to play as boys and with some girls they prefer to play as girls. I will admit that I like to play as a girl but I will play as a guy if I have to. But its clearly up to the game maker what the gender is. This is just my opinion. So I’m saying I would like if there was an option to pick gender.


@SpiderGirl i cant be more agree with you


After consideration and your comments I have decided to include choice of gender to the game as well.

I’m also happy to announce that my work on demo is going well. I have 2500 words written at the moment (first version of demo will have around 6000 words). So I should be able to finish it by the end of the week (it will be male only for now, it’ll take some time for me to edit the story for females)

Would you mind giving me some advice on where to host demo? I’ve noticed many people use dropbox…is it a good choice?


Yes dropbox is easiest and best


Download it enable public and copy the webs folder and plwce it in public then post link here


Yeah drop box all the way half of the people on the forms can’t access webs


@ViliamFiedler There’s a step-by-step guide to publishing your game on dropbox in the Wiki:


@Vendetta thanks for link.

I’d also like to ask: is there a command for aligning the text to blocks? I’ve searched everywhere, but can’t find it.


As far as I know you can only align it left, center, or right.