An neverending medieval RPG

I’m currently working on a game which won’t end, a game where you can do anything you want. You will be able to do the following: Hunting, Sailing, Fishing, Cooking, Mining, Potion Brewing, Weapon/Armor Crafting, Building and even Lucid Dreaming.

New details will be up if anyone actually is interested in this.

By the way, this topic is the 100th topic in “Works In Progress”!


I have a feeling this will lack in storyline but anyway,good luck and I hope this works out

Hmmm. Sounds interesting.

@greygrey , It does have a storyline, which I’ve already designed and am willing to implement, I’m just not going to spoil it yet. Although this is my first encounter with ChoiceScript, I’ve already done I think half of the game, and already I have lots of features in it that no ChoiceScript game had before.
@revanrulesrussia , Good to know, and I also hope it will be interesting in the end.

Details will be up in a few minutes about everything it will contain!

will you be able to have a family and kids things like that? what about combat?

You start as an outsider in a village (that’s where the game starts, not the storyline), where you can do quests to raise up in rank. The ultimate rank in the village will be the rank of “Ruler”, point at which you administer that village. There’s an implemented “Encumberance” system, as if you carry too much, your combat skills will be greatly decreased, and you’ll lose more energy when doing tasks. Energy is gained when sleeping (point at which it sets to 100, the maximum amount). Whenever you sleep, there’s a 4/6 chance you’ll have a non-interactive dream, and a 1/6 chance of having a lucid dream (where you can do whatever you want with no consequences).

There will be over 10 villages, each of them having a certain thing others don’t have. For example, in a village’s mine you may find an ore that’s nowhere else to be found, or you may find something for sale that’s unique at shops; perhaps even unique buildings.

Inside the game, as you start, you have a choice to go to the “About” section, which is the game’s manual, containing everything about the game.

It will have 3 factions, 1 which you belong in, and 2 which are the enemy.

As for Hunting, you need to go to a forest and you also need a bow&arrows or a crossbow&bolts. You as well have a 3/4 chance you will find a prey (as there are 3 types of prey, and 1/4 chance of not finding anything). If you find a prey, you can choose to let it go, or kill it, point at which there’s a chance you’ll miss the prey (depending on your Archery skill).

Sailing is used to travel from a village that’s at seaside to another village that’s a seaside. You can also transport goods from village to village, and you’ll get a considerable amount of money for it. There’s also a chance you’ll meet pirates, point at which you enter the combat mode (it will be explained in the game). You also can own only two ships at once (there are 2 types of ships; Frigate and Transporter. It’s your choice if you want to make them both the same type or not).

Fishing can bring you money, that is, if you catch anything. You can sell the fishes, or you can keep them for yourself to eat them (food restores energy). You firstly of all need a fishing boat (or you can rent one, but that’s not very profitable if you don’t sell the fishes).

Cooking helps you prepare complicated foods. You need a cooking pot, a recipe and the ingredients and you can cook (that is, if you have the certain Cooking level required for each food).

Mining will be done with a pickaxe, and the ores you find in a village’s mine (if that village has a mine) depends on the village itself. After you mine the ores, you need to smelt them into ingots of that ore, or combine them into an ingot of a mixture between the two (like Tin + Copper = Bronze).

Weapon Crafting requires an anvil firstly of all, and a certain skill. You also need a blueprint for each weapon.

Armor Crafting is still to be determined on how I will do it, as I’m in lack of ideas for this. There will be only 2 types of armor, Iron and Leather, with a separate way of crafting for each.

Potion Brewing will necesit a cauldron, empty vials, recipes and ingredients (and the Potion Brewing skill for each potion).

Building will have 4 branches: Rooms, Buildings, Warmachines and Entire Villages. Each will be done separately, and will be explained in the game’s manual.

As for combat, that will be explained in the game’s manual too, as there are 3 types of combat. Ship Combat, Normal Combat and Sieges. It will be turn-based (I can’t really see a way to make it real-time in ChoiceScript). You will only be able to siege villages of the opposite factions if you are a ruler of a city.

There are features that only this game has so far, as like a health/armor bar display, achievments, chest storage system (in every city) and others that I can’t think of right now.

The game itself won’t end, only its storyline will end (when you finish the storyline, you can choose to keep playing, as you can still do what you’ve done before).

It will have 3 difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard, each affecting the game in its own way.

Also, if you look forward to this game… can you help me with answering these questions (based on your opinion and the details I mentioned above)?

  1. What title should the game have?

  2. What else should I implement/tweak along with the features mentioned above?

  3. What names should I give to the villages?

  4. What is your opinion about the game’s features?

  5. How do you think this will turn out in the end?

@lexlexx, yes, you will be able to have a family, I forgot to mention about relationships. You will only be able to have straight relationships in the game (at the beginning you choose your gender). About kids, I’m not sure if I really will implement that, as I can’t see what to actually make the kids be able to do, or be of any use.

Wow…A lot of plans.Also this seems to be more life like(Chance)

@Zach, yes, it will be lifelike (at least that’s what I plan), except the fact it will be medieval and that it will contain magic in it, like spells, potions, and stuff like that…

I forgot to mention I changed the game’s usual font and background, and I added 4 “Show Stats” buttons, each with its own function.

Yea but chance is something not every game has…If we are going to lock pick in most games these days we are using are stats and nothing else but here we are leaving it to luck so it seems like fun

@Zach, well, yes, some things depend on luck, but some things are entirely based on skills. Well, like in most RPGs, for example, if you hit someone with a sword in combat, you may make a damage of 5 hitpoints, or of 10, or of something between them.

I am really curious how this will turn out,seems quite innovative to me

@greygrey good to know at least someone’s expecting this so far!

Also, here’s a screenshot of the first scene from the part you start playing (not the actual game/storyline beginning)!

Does that happen everyday or something?Becouse it seemed like that

@Zach No, that’s just the beginning, like the introduction to that village. That won’t happen everyday at all. You just get to pick who to help, and do a quest for that person and then you’re free to do anything. Consider that as an introduction to the quest feature.

Well just the way I read it it seems normal to see a wizard(Then again I know nothing about the village)

@Zach, you will be able to see anyone at anytime from the village in the game, but also, you will only be allowed to do a quest a day (which is fairly explainable, as you’d most likely run out of energy while doing a 2nd one).

How old do we start out as?

@Zach 23 years old, and in the “Info” panel, you can see how many days have passed; when 365 days pass, you grow up a year, and the days counter resets to 0.

so its like a medival life simulator and when you become ruler can you wage war on other nations