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"Hello everyone!

All: The Replica Series focuses on a group called The Organization. It secretly finds and recruits those with a genetic anomaly that causes special and unique powers. You play one of their members and must work to prove yourself. You need to train a new recruit, go up in rank, and reach the top tiers. Or join the opposition. The Organization is facing an inner conflict that’s growing: remain a secret to the rest of the world or come out to the world, disband The Organization, and live freely.

The demo has the first two chapters and is on
Any feedback is much appreciated!"

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@AdamGoodtime It could also be “Why does she look/seem so much more energized than she did 20 minutes ago?”


“The Grey walks over and touches it’s throat then Sean’s. My replicas can perform a type of exchange. A person’s pain for the replica’s health. I am the only that they have ever bothered to try and help.”
should be “i am the only one that they have ever bothered to try and help”

“I open the box closest to me to find some incense, a a mango”
you should remove an “a”

“Her and her parents looks expensively dresses too.”
should be “dressed”

PS. just finished the demo and it’s great.


Due to time constraints I had to skim through this. (Though it seems entertaining to read more closely)

As I skimed through though, it makes me think of some cross between Marvel superheroes and The Matrix.


I have the strangest sense of déjà vu. Did you post this before? It sounds interesting. I’ll take a look when I hate a spare minute or two.


Interesting concept. Will there be romance? Also What classes will there be?


@andymwhy Are you thinking of The Orpheus Ruse?


@andymwhy I’ve never posted before. I just became a member not too long ago.:smiley:

@StarWarsMaster There will be a lot of romance options. Some of them are introduced in these three chapters. And what do you mean by ‘classes’? Are you thinking of a class system (rogue, mage, knight etc) or of a school setting with classes you attend?


Something like that yea. Also is it a school type place?


I like it :slight_smile: I was a bit sad when I couldn’t pick my power but when I show what it was I was like ok that’s kool.


@StarWarsMaster Well, I don’t have a class type system because I let you decide how to evolve your power (long range, defensive, supportive, information stealing and so on). And it is a type of school environment. The Organization is a HUGE supporter of education. In every recruit’s beginning years, they are extensively trained in combat, all educational pursuits (science, math, literature, language, art etc.), and social interactions (mostly for reacting/acting purposes). The MC starts off with 10 years of this training, but even with this you are still required to attend more advanced classes. I have a scene where you go to a class at the end of Chapter 1.


@vampierkid222 For what I envisioned for this story I needed this specific power, but I will let you decide how to evolve it. This power is very versatile. You will make your first evolution choice in Chapter 4.


The demo looks good so far! It’s interesting how the MC starts off in a mentor role rather than as the ‘new guy.’


@DioBrando Thanks! I wanted you to feel powerful in the beginning (you didn’t have 10 years of training for nothing). I wanted it to be clear that you can handle yourself and take on the responsibility of another person.


I got an error. I have henil as my recruit and i tried to sit with imnek after i thought i wonder who she wants to sit with, then after i chose to sit with imnek it gave me an error


@Boman19 Thanks. I’ll look into it and post again when I’ve fixed it.


Found a typo. Forgot the comma between room and I, "As I wonder what my new neighbor thinks of their room I forgo my nightly shower (since I didn’t work up a sweat today) and hop into bed. "


I fixed the error with Henil and Imnek. I also put a comma between room and I. Thanks for catching those!


Specifically this line:

“(Also if you see @TwoSharp lurking around here that’s just my editor/writing partner! TwoSharp can answer questions just as well as I can so if you can’t reach me then you can try messaging TwoSharp!)”

I’ve started playing the demo - I’m liking it so far.


@andymwhy You’re thinking of this thread, made by his partner: