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Can’t wait to see what’s next I loved the detailsthat you put in to it and the powers are kool and the characters are good too.



@andymwhy Myself, SharpOne, and my partner, TwoSharp, are glad that you’re enjoying the demos.

@OtherGrimm Actually it’s her partner :smiley:

@vampierkid222 I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I really want you to have a clear idea of what the characters are like. I also aim for a huge variety in the people you interact with.



Wait do you have the same power no matter what?



@Crigley13 Yes and no. You start with the same power, which is revealed in chapter 3, but you will be able to evolve it. This power changes with certain choices you make. I am forcing you to have this particular power because of how I envisioned the story and it can be versatile.



Hmmm, joined not to long ago, yet still make a great game? There’s only one explanation…FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!

On another note, great game, though I find it odd that you and @TwoSharp both have ‘Sharp’ in your names

You both joined on June 20 :open_mouth:



What kind of evolution?



@WubWub117 Very sharp of you…Yes we are sisters and we both happen to love creative outlets like this. Also if you like this game then I would suggest trying “For Peace We Die” (Written by @TwoSharp and edited by me!) :smiley:



Also will we be able to make our copies last longer while have them all out.



@vampierkid222 An evolution of fighting styles. It’s a little like a classic class system. Mages are glass canons; rogues hide in the shadows and strike unseen; knights charge into the front lines and take lots of damage. This power will allow you to determine which style you want. Do you want to be a true team player and have supportive powers? You can! Do you want to lead your team with an iron fist and devastating attacks? You can! Or would you rather act behind the scenes, playing your enemies against each other? Each of the evolution choices I will be providing you will have very different effects on your abilities and should lead to very unique play throughs.

Does this clarify your question?



It dose! Thanks



@vampierkid222 Yes! That is something you have to train for though.



@vampierkid222 Your welcome! I appreciate your questions and comments.



Ahh, yes. I’ve played ‘For Peace We Die’ multiple times, and as a matter of fact, I just played the update



Welcome also would that be under the skill state?



I appreciate your dirty humor terrible yet funny. :))



@SharpOne Oops. I apologize for assuming. ^_^;

Also, finally gave the game a try, and was immediately struck with a RL-irony. Literally as soon as I started the game and opened the first page with ‘BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP’…my alarm clock went off. :slight_smile:

Got a typo early in training: I selected Russell as my trainee, and got ‘Her eyes go wide as I say, “Solidify or I murder you.”’ That should be ‘His’, not ‘Her’. There were a few others, but I didn’t write them all down.

Interesting concept, though. I like the originality of the power. I look forward to seeing more of it!



@WubWub117 I hope you enjoyed it! I know I have. But please give her feedback! I know she would appreciate any questions, comments, and criticisms.

@vampierkid222 No. I will be setting up specific training scenes to enhance endurance. I don’t want you to have to sacrifice any ability choices for it. The skill stat is more about when evolutions will occur/when you will unlock abilities.

@TheCourier Thanks! But if you could give me an example I would have a better idea of what that is so I can slip in more of it.

@RagEgnite Marvel is one of my concerns so I’m trying to stay away from it while staying true to my original idea. And I’ll take your word on The Matrix because I’ve never seen it.

@OtherGrimm Sorry about the typo. My editor caught that before I posted the demo actually and I thought I fixed it. My internet is acting up right now so it might take some time before I can get to it. Also I’m glad you like it. I’m working on Chapter 4 now and I plan for it to be done in a week or two (depending on RL).



Damn it woman! It ended write when I was enjoying it very much.

But seriously good job, looking forward to it. Small request, can you name the button chapter 2 – 3 or next chapter rather writing chapter ends next chapter starts?



Great! Love everything about it so far. ^^

Are we going to be able to become ‘too emotionally attached’ to our student? And is there a special story for the MCs background or will we be able to choose between multiple options? :smiley:



@Rebelmaiden I sincerely hope not.