Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



Polls regarding the school friends has been added. Who is your favorite? Who do you find to be uninteresting?


Brainless question: Will there be a romanceable demon?


Not a brainless question at all!

No, there will not be any romanceable demons.


Oh thanks god. While I don’t mind supernatural ROs but I always think demons are like a gigantic hell creature, especially with the fight scene with the demon.


On the other hand, it’d give an entirely new meaning to “binding” a demon.


Why, yes. It does, doesn’t it.


I don’t get it?:confused:


You get it, probably later.


An adult jokes… :expressionless:


Really enjoyed the game, I actually had stopped playing it on Friday as it was a really busy weekend and then picked it up today. Only to very quickly get to the point where the game currently ends and was greatly disappointed because the story is very engaging. I’m definitely looking forward to more.


No I mean is it like a reference to Bondage/S & M or Marriage because those are the first two that come to mind but both are a pretty big stretch


It was an S&M joke, yes. Demon bondage.


Oow, I know some S&M and Bondage stuff, but this is the first time I’ve heard that demon bondage is a thing.

Anyway, off with that! We’re derailing the thread.


I’m wondering how many chapters this game will have since we’re on the fourth so far, it feels like the plot hasn’t quite started yet. Wondering when we get to the academy is when the plot gets kicked into high gear.


The plot will become much more high stakes during the next chapter.

In total, there will be 12 chapters, if not more.


are you planning to make a saga?


At the moment, I plan on finishing this first game; although a saga is very likely.


Are you familiar with the game Academagia, the Making of Mages? it is another very text focused story game set in a magic school.


Oddly enough, a friend of mine recommended this to me on steam, but I have yet to play it. Maybe when winter sales come, I may decide to get it.


Academagia, the Making of Mages? Is it good? I never heard of it or seen people playing it (or at least until now).