Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



I hadn’t either. I searched Steam for it and couldn’t find i-

Second search it showed up. Huh… worth $16?


Hey there, I only played through this once so far but one thing stood out to me majorly: The setting is never properly explained in depth. Sure you name nations and cities and people but up until there was a reference to a phone I had no idea the backdrop included modern technology. And actually it’s pretty much the only mention of such technology. There’s no cars or trains or computers but apparently Golems are robots. This could probably do with a clearer introduction.


Thank you for mentioning this. I was actually torn whether or not this was clear to readers. I will update the intro with further explanation of this.


Well, Academagia has provided me with years of entertainment and thoughtful game play, and its stories are quite interesting. I would recommend it, especially since the sequel (hopefully soon to be released) will build upon its stories and character development.

@Karlan: I played briefly through part of your game demo, and was very impressed. The story and characters are interesting, and put me in mind (in a good way) of the game Academagia. Since you have not played that game, I guess that this is evidence that great minds think alike!


Well, grand if this was any help. I wasn’t sure whether to post this but a lot of the game is held vaguely enough that it might play in any kind of universe with any level of technology. Especially in settings with magic, technology might not have developed along the same lines as in our world, and the countries and cities are clearly fantastical entities in that they don’t exist in our world. And everything is described in very broad terms. You go places. You never explicitly take a bike or a car or a subway. Your teachers teach you and there’s never a mention of whether you take notes on wax tablets or paper or on a laptop etc. In a way I like the way you set things up because it allows me to inject more of my own imagination into the story. But if I were to project this as, say, a Victorian era-ish setting my imagination would come to a jarring halt at the mention of mobile phones.

If you don’t want to flat-out state ‘this world has a tech level similar to our present day’ anywhere you might just help ease people into it by mentioning cars or computers or tvs more often. Or polyester clothing or give the protagonist braces or something that gives the idea of this world being similar to ours in the present.


It’s interesting because i always assume that the tech level was generally close to that of the end of WW1, It seem more like a strange fusion of magitek,steampunk thrown in with a few modern ancharoisms. While sometimes less is more especially in helping us to use our own imaginations instead, if the story relies on a strong rooting in the setting and lore of the game it maybe time to add more details and information to the game. That being said i did love the ambiguity as it helped me imagine a diffrent world than what you thought ff which is neat.


I’ve added a description, as well as images, to both countries in Ch.1

Hopefully, this will allow a clear image of what Esten and Lahar look like.

In the next few days, details will be added to the story to better characterize its time period.


Ch.4 is one-third of the way complete. I originally had more, but I ended up revising large portions of it. It just didn’t seem to flow very well or make sense.

Back to writing and drafting :sleepy:


weird. I knew from the beginning that it was in the modern era…probably because of the main photo or something


Mee too don’t know why though maybe because of something in the chapters or it’s just me


I had always imagined Lahar as a city from the 1900’s. Esten, by contrast, is somewhere in 21XX. However, Lahar and Esten influence each other. If something high-tech is found in Lahar, it originally came from Esten.


I imagine this game will take us until we graduate from the academy? Or is there a particular time you wanna end this game before the next one?


It will take you up until the second year at the Spell Academy. At the current moment, that’s what I planned, although it may change depending on how lengthy certain chapters become.

Thus far, every chapter has been roughly one year per chapter, but the pacing slows down during Ch.4 and onwards.


Thank you for replying to the polls!

I will keep the polls up for a few more weeks, but based on your feedback, I will revise parts of Erika and Alana’s story. In addition, minor changes to Jericho will appear to clarify his father’s position in Alterna Corps.

Also, a quick update, Ch. 4 is halfway finished. Unlike previous chapters, large sections of it were revised under my discretion due to plot problems. In fact, Ch. 4 had three different versions that had roughly 3,500 words each. After settling on the one I liked best, I had to revise bits and pieces of my favorite version for plot accuracy and grammar accuracy.

Thank you for your feedback and for your patience.


Kinda liked the original erika ,story line better now her story and personality doesn’t stand out as much anymore.


Error in chapter 2.


Thank you for finding this. I will fix it asap.


Some people found her enigmatic personality to be quite vague and unsatisfying. But I may return to tweak her story a little bit today to retain some of her original personality.

Thank you for the feedback.


Ch. 4 has been uploaded. Discover the truth behind Morgana’s past.

Thank you for being patient. Now that I’ve adjusted to writing in college, Chapter 5 shouldn’t take as long as Chapter 4.

If you had not voted in the polls yet, please do so as quickly as possible. The polls will be taken down @ Saturday, around 7 to 11 AM Pacific Time Zone (UTC - 8 hours)


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