Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



How is Dark Magic actually powerful? I’m assuming it’ll probably change but Dark Magic isn’t too different when it comes to skills checks and skill gains from what I can tell. Or is it because Dark Magic Lets us summon and bind demons?


This is what separates dark magic from other disciplines. It is much easier to summon and bind certain allies when using dark magic.


I take it Morgana is a play on Morgan Le Fay?


“Morgana Le Fay” —> “Morgana Le Foux”


However, similarities between the two characters stop there. Morgana Le Fay was an antagonist, according to Arthurian Legend, while Morgana will remain on the MC’s side.


Dark magic will become dangerous because people will notice it. You may even find yourself ostracized if you keep using it.

The suspicious characters will play a role in the story, although it will be more minor compared to characters like Hane or Morgana.


Well, at least I’ll still have my demons.


And your demons are glad to have you!


Just wondering, are there disadvantage of having the demon as servant? Who else that can be allies? What is the use of having allies? Sorry for the many questions :sweat_smile:


the story is good so far, but i feel im too overpowered in most of the story, in later chapters will we find more difficult challenges as it progresses.


Originally romance options weren’t on my mind. I went the “be openly nice to people while using dark magic and charisma to manipulate your fate” like light. Then Morgana came and I flirted as soon as possible. Although I’m curious on if it’s possible to take the dark path, and if you play your cards right, keep people from catching on?


The demon will only be a disadvantage if you use it in front of Hane.

There is also the promethean ally introduced in ch.3. There will be plenty of allies to come in later chapters. I plan at least 8 total, to include in the story.

Allies will help you in combat, and are typically more effective than your own magic.


I made it this way because of an upcoming enemy in a later chapter. They will make the MC feel like an ant compared to themselves.


Actually your intuition is correct. Using dark magic with high charm stat will allow you to get away with using dark magic in certain situations (although not every situation).


Like this game. Is the allies Ro?


No, the allies are not romanceable.


Then that means I need no other friends :blush:

I need to go over this again, I feel disappointing when I don’t point out a large number of errors. :worried:


Great work on the update! :+1: I love Hane and Danae and basically everyone. I want to hug them and keep them xD Now I’m gonna keep picturing the MC going to her parents, showing them Danae, Hane and Morgana and going ‘Can I keep them?’ [puppy eyes] xD


oh shit, you are alive snow white.


Irma couldn’t touch this dances Hammer time xD I’m still kickin’ and I came back to updates, so…


Wow! I love this, I can’t wait for more, I adore the interactions with friends, it’s a shame the tourney wasn’t part you could play those can be done really well and be super fun in these types of things.
Gonna grow up and marry Morgana.

Edit: I usually go for the dark powers in games, but I’m having fun playing my character as a physical brute who ends up being an atomic bomb when using magic.