Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



The headmaster doesn’t have a first name, but his last name is Kaelich.


I have to stop putting these characters into a friend zone :tired_face:


On the bright side, now you have plenty of friends!


After thousands of years of searching I have finally found it, a magic school wip that really clicks


I’m glad you found it enjoyable!


Great game, I especially enjoyed the fight scene with the greater fire demon. Keep up the good work!


Ha that’s going to be confusing but can u answer my question of how old the mc, hane, danae and morgana?


They are 13 years old, as of Ch.3


So this is the last year before going to the bigger spell school?


Yes, this will be the final year at Kaelich’s.


Looking forward to seeing how that goes!


So I chose to play my character based on Light from death note(dark magic and all) and when I met Morgana I was so happy because she is literally my L. And this time light and L shall get together.


“Then it’s only a matter of how what catalysts we can afford,”

I don’t think this how should be here

When you arrived home, you were somewhat overhwelmed

And overwhelmed is misspelled here

You surmised this was to ensure that Hane’s full recovery by the end of this school year

I don’t think the that is necessary

You wanted to Morgana a few questions

This should be (You wanted to ask Morgana a few questions)


I really liked meeting Morgana. Seems like an interesting character and I really liked her aesthetics, reminded me of the homunculus of the Fate series (which I love).


Wow, I never even considered this comparison. Now that I think about it, Dark MC and Morgana perfectly contrast each other.


Thank you for finding these. The game size has gotten to the point where finding grammar and spelling issues has become tedious. I appreciate the help very much.


While I’m a big fan of Fate:Zero, Morgana’s looks are actually based on a mixture of Emilia (from Re:Zero) and Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul).


Also great characters. The white hair and red eyes also remind me of the Ishvalan people from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Will wielding dark magic have a meaningful effect on our relationships with the other characters? And also, will using such magic bring the attention of… unsavory people?


Dark magic will become dangerous to use in certain parts of later chapters. While powerful, they will affect your relationship with Hane, your school friend, and Morgana in various ways.

Using dark magic may indeed bring suspicious characters if you aren’t careful.


Dangerous in what way if I may ask? Does it backfire on us? And about those suspicious characters, do they play an important role in the main story?