Adding to the title


so as per normal, this is the standard set up for the title. which as you would no gives you a nice size title heading and in smaller text under that author.

*title Season Passing
*author Dreamwalker

so my question is, how would i add smaller text to the title under the first larger title.

Season Passing - normal size(if not a slight bit bigger)
A cold day - (smaller size)
by Dreamwalker


At present it’s not actually possible.


You can make words bold or in italic and use that for titles, but actually changing font size and adding text like that directly to the title isn’t possible for as far as I’m aware of.


Since I’m pretty sure the code won’t register size changes, perhaps just doing
Format for the name would work.


That’s a shame, was really hopefull there may have been a *sub_title command i had missed while reading, or a command I could use to/or indent under the actual title…

I can’t think it would be a hell of a lot of work in the scheme of things to add such a command, so if any of the choicescript creators see this, is it possible to add this idea to a future update


It’s a cheap workaround, but you could add a subtitle to your cover page with an image, couldn’t you? Or is there some limit on where you can put images that I haven’t run into yet? Or set the title as Title: Subtitle and then use images for both on the cover page instead of ${Title}.