Error in ChoiceScript based on the *title command?

Hey all, I am trying to start off a new game using ChoiceScript. I made a post yesterday asking for a tutorial and I found help, thank you FairyGodfeather. But I’m having trouble with it, as when I finished startup.txt, it’s telling me the title isn’t on the first line? As you can see, the title is on line one. Can someone help me with this, and if I have any other mistakes in here can you let me know?

One possible problem could be here:

     Startup ----> startup

It could be that startup has to be written in lower case letters.

Also maybe the problem comes because you have nothing in the “chapter 1.txt” files?
To test this you could use this code:

*title Apocalypse?
*author Deathrocker99
*create strength 0
*create skincolor "unknown"

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Quick test indicates it’s that you’ve capitalized your scene names. Use lower case alphanumeric characters only [a-z 0-9 and underscore (_)].

(That’s a super odd error message for what’s causing the problem, I’ll look into getting it to report a better one.)

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Thank you, I think I fixed that problem now, but I have part of chapter 1 and it’s not going to it. A *create nor *finish command is working, which is what it tells me to do on the wiki

Thanks for your help though!

Since the error message is pretty clear it would help if you could upload a picture of the startup.txt or type the code into a post. Because I don’t think you started one of your variables with a number or “%!&/(=…” right? Just double check to make sure.


About *finish like the wiki explains if your startup.txt has no text you can just keep it out of the code and it should jump to the “chapter 1.txt”. However, if it’s still not working with or without a *finish try using *goto_scene. Because the command *finish will always send you to the next file you listed in the *scene_list and *goto_scene will take you to a certain scene you want to select.

*title ... 
*author -""-
   chapter 1
*create var1
*create [...]
*create varx
*goto_scene chapter 1

You can’t have spaces in the scene names. Try underscores instead. That might be what’s causing your problems.

(Both in the scene list and the name of the .txt file)


Thank you very much! This solved my problem

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May I ask you one more question? Sorry to be a pain

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Sure. As long as it’s either coding or forum related.

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How do I get the description stats on the stat page? (EX: Gender, name) I don’t want it to be part of the percentage chart, just on that page. There’s nothing on the wiki besides the percentage chart and the “inventory”

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The stat_chart can be used to display text too. You just need to type “text” in front of the variable instead of “percent”

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Okay, I’ll check that out. Thank you so much for your help! I’m sorry I’m such a newbie with ChoiceScript, you probably get these same questions over and over. Thanks!

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From time to time :slight_smile:

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I have the beginning of my story/plot idea so far, it’s just the coding that I’m awful at. Hopefully soon I’ll make it to the WIP page, thank you

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Another ChoiceScript question? I’m such a pain I know :expressionless:

What are you having trouble with? I’m not a Choicescript guru, but I’ll try to help you out. :slight_smile:

I know it has to do something with the *if command, but I want to make a choice available to a person if they’re a girl. I’m in the “character creation” part, and I’m on body types. I want to make the “curvy” body type choice available to girls only, yet the choice is in with the rest of the body types

Basically, you would have to fall into an *if statement and then follow behind with some choices. For example:

*if girl = true 
          #I have a curvy body.
             *set curvy_body true
             *goto end
           #I have an athletic body.
             *set athletic_body true
             *goto end

*elseif boy = True 
           *goto end

Edit: my tabbing is off because I don’t know how to tab correctly on a phone. Just make sure that that each command is tabbed under the other. Also, make sure that you have true/false variables for the different body shapes if they are going to surface again down the line.

Alrighty, thank you very much! It works now!