Chapter transition trouble

Hi, again. Terribly sorry if I’m spamming the forum, but I’m having trouble transitioning chapters. Just for reference, when I type *finish, that should be the end of the text document, correct? And it should go to another one? In my story, I’m trying to transition from the prologue to Part 1: Invasion of Syracuse but i keep getting this error “line 1: invalid title instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt”

In startup.txt, you want the title of the game
*title Game Title

That should be the only time you use it. Also make sure startup has a scene list, so when you use *finish, Choicescript sends the player to the correct scene.

Not sure what you mean. That was the only time I used the title command. The only thing I have in the Invasion of Syracuse file is Test(so that when I see it, it says test and I know i got it right) and i just put it in the scene list. Same problem.

Nevermind, I retried it and it decided to work this time, although I’m not sure why that is :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!