Startup line 1 error


Keep getting the following

Startup line 1: Invalid title instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt

Confusing because that’s where I have it. Any tips to correct?


Could you show us the contents of startup.txt? We might be better able to locate the problem that way.


*title Seed
*author Mydoghasfleas



That and/or a permission denied message keep popping up


I don’t know everything but I’m willing to try and help you problem solve @Mydoghasfleas


Try changing the name of the title
Sometimes if I put too many *create commands in it says I can only use the first 10 lines
Also make sure you have everything download and are not missing anything from any of the folders.


I have the title issue solved. But now it is just giving a permission denied message when trying to proceed off the title page.


What have you changed?


I think it was a capitalization error. Still getting the permission denied message while trying to advance though.


Has anyone encountered this permission denied message?


I might have before but I don’t remember why or how I fixed it.
I’ve been researching, have you type in anything at all besides the text documents in the scene folder?


I seem to have fixed it…though I have no idea how lol