Line 130: Invalid create instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt - help!

Ugh! I’ve never encountered this error message before, so why it popped up now, I have no idea! I don’t think I did anything to startup file in the past few months other than just add some more variables. Here are parts of my startup file…

*comment for achievements, I can put either succeeded or failed
*create hname “Unknown”
*create money “”
*create melee1 “none”
*create melee2 “none”

(fast forward down to line 130)

*comment show the actual secrets
*create know_tress_secret “”
*set know_tress_secret “no”
*create know_mob_secret “” (THIS IS LINE 130)
*set know_mob_secret “no”

Anyone have any idea of what’s causing the error?

You can only use *create at the top of startup.txt

Also as good practice you should always do *create at the top anyway, just so it’s easier to find later.

Hmm…well I have a few hundred creates. What do you mean by “the top” of the startup.txt?

My creates start at the top of startup and continue down to line 250 or so. I’m not sure why this particular line is screwing things up.


Ahhh! I’m so dumb! I included *set commands which were screwing it all up. Thanks for helping, @fantom

Glad I was able to help some. As for what I mean by top your *create commands should come after *author, *author, and *scene_list, but before any other commands.