"Invalid scene_list instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt"?


New to Choicescript, yay!
I’m confused at the error since I thought I had it at the top?

Error: startup line 4: Invalid scene_list instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt”

My code looks like this:

<!nav = new SceneNavigator(["startup"]);
*title dnd campaign tyche


*create name "Unknown"
*create class "Unknown"

Thank you!


what is the <!nav for?


That was the code that came with the OG file. I’ve tried it with and without and I still get the same message. I’m not sure if I need it or not


shooting in the dark but… try this:

*title DnD Campaign Tyche
*author You


*create name "unknown"
*create class "unknown"


You don’t need html tags in your code, anywhere. It should just be plain text. If you’re copying that out of something else, you’ll need to remove all those tags.

it's a comment html tag just remove these and you should be fine
<!nav = new SceneNavigator(["startup"]);


If you are still getting an error like you said, try creating a new txt file, name it startup and copy/paste the code without the <!nav…–> part


Thank you all! :grin:

So I think the issue is based on where you have capitalizations, which is okay in some places but not in others. Things like title, author, comments, and text can have capitalized words, but everything else I think is a no go. In my case I changed “Unknown” to “unknown” and the error went away.


You lost me. Anything enclosed in quotes like that can be capitalised any way you like, as can any other text. You must have done something else to get rid of that error.


And that error is unknown.

I’ll leave.


Well gosh I thought that was what it was, but you’re right. I capitalized it again and it’s just fine. I thought I had received the same error whether I had " nav = new SceneNavigator([“startup”]); " or not. But it must have been that, I can’t imagine what else. Just incase I created a new startup file with just my intended code. Sorry for the confusion!


The “complete” template for the startup.txt file should look like this:

*title <Story title>
*author <Namae>

*create <variables>
*create <variables>
*create <variables>
(and so on)

*achievement <codename> <visible/hidden> <achievement point> <title>
*achievement <codename> <visible/hidden> <achievement point> <title>
*achievement <codename> <visible/hidden> <achievement point> <title>
(and so on)

The real text/code goes here.

As usual, add, remove, or modify as necessary.


The important thing is that you got it fixed and you’re now on your way :slight_smile: