What do i do?!

i’m trying to make my first game

this is where i am

nav = new SceneNavigator([“startup”]);
stats = {};

what do i do?!

You could give more info on where you are getting that? what program? when it happens? a little bit of context.
I recommend you to start here though, there’s a lot of beginners info that can help.

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where do i read about this?

nav = new SceneNavigator([“startup”]);
stats = {};

what am i supposed to write and where?

nav = new SceneNavigator([“startup”]);
stats = {};

Here’s what I can find in google. For what I can see I guess you are starting a game from 0. You need to set up your startup.txt in order to work properly. Check the master list for beginners, there’s a lot of info there on how to do it.

None of that is written with choicescript. This is a bit like asking:

“I want to learn French. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong with this French sentence: これはフランス人ですか?”

Edit: Noticed someone else having a similar issue. This bit of HTML seems to be popping up in the sample choicescript template. Just delete it.