No startup in the web/mygame folder

Hi guys.

The Introduction to choicescript and how to download it instructions seem simple enough, but when i click on the web folder, and then the my game folder, there is no startup or startup.txt in there. Just has scenes, credits, index and mygame. If I click on any of those, it just takes me back to the sample.

Ive downloaded node and the server is running, but I can only see the sample game, not create my own. I’m kinda new at this and so have likely done something silly, but I cant work out what.

Help please.


That’s strange, I was able to find the startup.txt file on the download from the CoG website. It should be in the scenes folder.

Try to create one yourself, it’s a simple *.txt file, remember to name it startup.txt, that’s the only thing critical about that file.

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Ah, thanks. I found that, but its still just a sample. How do I go about creating my own? Do I just delete that and start there?

Delete the content and create your own scenes, name them however you want, and put the exact name on the startup file after *scene_list command
Like this.



*create variable_1 false
*create whatever_variable_you_need 0


Here you start your bok.
  #choice 1
  #choice 2

Here you have a post with lots of info to start with choicescript.