Break Down of the files in the folder

I have finished reading the beginners guild for Choice Script. Sad to say, but it didn’t help me much at all.
It lacks details on what is what. I am really confused at what everything does.

So if anyone have time, please tell me what each of the .txts are for in the Scenes folder.
Also it would be nice if there was a video for making these. :frowning: it’s really hard to understand
what is what and how they work.

Have you looked at the wiki?

In the scenes folder you have two files that are important.

Startup.txt and choicescript_stats.txt

You can delete everything else, they’re just example files. Do you need startup.txt and choicescript_stats.txt explained?

The .txt files are the game itself. Each one is a chapter.

Startup.txt is the first chapter, the one where you start writing the game. The tittle, chapters’ list and variables are coded there.

choicescript_stats is the stats page, you can edit it to show whatever you want the player to read.

so startup.txt is where all the coding happens and the other files are just chapters?

No. The coding happens in all of the scene files. Startup.txt is where things start. In startup it can then *goto_scene to move on to another scene file.

do you have an example of it? I cant make heads or tails of how each thing leads to another >.< If possible is there a way to see a complete game folder? This just confuses me >.<
(thanks for your trouble, never coded before lol)

I sent you a PM with an example. is a folder if you’re looking on the main site. Ignore the files with .js and .json at the end, they’re something server side and you won’t have those in your game. You’ll just have the .txt ones.



Tells the game which order to read the files in if there’s a *finish command it will go onto the next file listed until it reaches the end. But you don’t need to use *finish you can also use *goto_scene SCENENAME as long as SCENENAME is the name of a text file in the folder. Does that make sense?

ah! so that’s what all those are for!
Is there anywhere that lists all the commands and how they work?

This wiki might help you!

There are 3 categories - the ones you want to look at first are Commands/Functions, but the whole wiki should help you with the basics of Choicescript.

I used to read CoG’s own tutorial before the wiki was up and running. Examples are short, spot-on and presented in layman’s terms. Tricks you into thinking that coding is easy. Which is good.

lol thank cadd and fca :smiley:
time to learn coding lol fun stuff