First timer question - Where do I put .txt files?

I have written a .txt file, and I’d like to run it as a game to see if it works, but I can’t figure where I’m actually supposed to put that file. I downloaded the .zip, and it’s full of stuff, but I don’t understand how any of it relates to what I want to do. What to I have to do to turn a text file into a game? And what is the item I need to use on my text file to run it as such?

There are a lot of different options! What I mostly use, because I write on multiple different computers, is, because it has the necessary files in it - you just upload .txt.

There is also a button within the file suite, but the name of it is escaping me at the moment, haha. Bear with me…I’ll edit this with the name in 2 minutes.

Okay, within the suite, go to …/web/mygame/index.html

Make sure you open it with firefox, else you’ll run into some issues :slight_smile:

Also make sure your files are within the correct folder and named properly. Since this is your very first scene, it should be named startup.txt

Here is an introductory resource for you!

Right, so I tried dashingdon, and it didn’t work.
The other link you shared is what I’ve been staring at. It doesn’t tell my anything useful.
I don’t know what the correct folder is, that’s why I’m asking. Where do I put the txt once I have it?
Why should the scene be named “Startup” – what does that signify?

Right, so I tried dashingdon and it didn’t work. I have no idea how to name or where to put files, hence my original question. I’ve been reading and rereading that link you sent, and I’ve yet to see anything that helps me with my issue. I want to be able to just check the files myself on my laptop, because I don’t want to keep uploading files to dd, but i have no idea what to do in that regard.

So did you download the file from the Introduction to ChoiceScript link ashestoashes018 posted? From the link listed there where it says “download the ChoiceScript source from GitHub”. The file with some name like dfabulich-choicescript-with some number at the end?

I don’t know if there are more than one way of doing it, shrug there might be. However this is how I did it and it worked for me:

Once you have the document downloaded and unzipped, click the web folder, than the mygame folder and then the scenes folder. You’ll see several docs there already. These belong to the sample game they have that sort of shows you how the coding works a bit and that they talk about in the Introduction to ChoiceScript page. I recommend looking about at the coding of these. But you can delete them if you want to once you’re done.

You can save your game files in here.

The startup file is important as inside that is where you tell the game what files to open in your story and in what order. If you open the startup file that comes in the folder you can see how that works. I don’t think I ever deleted the startup file, I just rewrote it for my story.

Does all of that make sense?

Edit to add: to test your story you would then go to index in the mygame folder and open index in FireFox.


Yeah, I managed to reverse engineer it myself. I was just severely confused by the documentation.