I need help with uploading my files onto DashingDon (resolved)

I’m having trouble with uploading my files on DashingDon. I keep getting a 404 Error.

23 PM

Here is my code:

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Note: I am using Atom for coding

What I believe myself and most people do is compile it into an HTML file on Firefox, download it into our files then upload it as an HTML in dashingdon.

Is that error pops up when you tried to play the game from the site?

Yes. That is exactly what happened!

Oh. I’ll try that! Thank-you so much!

If that’s the case, the error is not from the site itself.

Try to check your startup.txt again, and see if the *scene_list correctly lists all of your .txt files (and keep in mind they’re cASe sEnsiTiVe)

Case Sensitivity…lovely.

How do you compile it into an HTML file?

I assume that your game works when you run it locally (by clicking on index.html in your mygame/web folder) but that it didn’t work when you tried to upload it? If it doesn’t run locally, it won’t work on the site either.

If it’s not working locally, then you might want to make a post about that. (For example, I don’t think you should include startup in the scene list, so that might be making it crash.)

If your game works locally, then on the dashingdon site, under the Upload Assets section, there is a “Choose Files” button. It should open up a file browsing menu, and you should navigate to the folder on your computer where all your game scene files are. Then you need to upload all of the files in your scenes directory, including startup.txt.

If any of you has a step by step guide, video, or any form of tutorial. Please link it to me. I am dying over here.

In your main choicescript folder, there should be a file called compile.html

  1. Run the compile.html using Firefox
  2. You should be asked whether to view or to save the file. Select the “save file as…” option
  3. Select a name and directory for the saved file, just like when you’re about to save anything