*title error problems continuing chapter


I finished writing my startup.txt and the nest.txt called fatherson, which only has “Test” in it. When I test the game with index, I can do the first startup page ok but when I hit next chapter i get this error “Startup line 1: Invalid title instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt” Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?


You can only use *title once at the top of startup to set the title for your whole game, it’s not something you can change per scene or chapter.


Yeah, I only have *title as the first line in startup, but I still get that error


Could you post a snapshot of the top part of your startup.txt file? That may help narrow down things.


Couldn’t take a pic for some reason, but here’s the code:

*title The Knights Path
*author Ernesto Lauzardo


*create name “Unknown”
*create age 7
*create leadership 50
*create cruelty 50
*create strength 50
*create revenge 50
*create loyalty 50
*create faith 50
*create gold 0
*create honor 50
*create joinedorder false
*create gender “Unknown”
*create unknown 50
*create rank “Private”



Would you happen to have all the scenes in your scene list in startup.txt capitalized like you do here?


Nope, lol didn’t notice that, I’ll change it to lower case and give it a try.


Yup that fixed ir, I’ve spent all day trying to figure it out and can’t believe I skipped over something so simple lol Thank you for the help!


No problem, anytime.